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Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Son - Setting the Bar High!

My son made a bracelet for me out of huge, red beads and a green pipe cleaner.  He crafted it with for his mama.  

He gave it to me and I put it on for a bit, it was so big and cumbersome.  I took it off and put it on the coffee table to admire the rest of the evening.

Days passed and I looked at the bracelet that is not at all my kind of fashion, but thinking of how my son made it special, out of love for his mama.

It was Sunday, time for church!  Everyone dresses nice on this day in our household.  I got all ready and was about to put my coat on when my eye caught glimpse of that gift of love.  

I put it on, then my coat as we got ready to rush outdoors.  I noticed Jon smile big as it went onto my wrist, and then he came up to hold my hand.  He felt special...I showed him love in the way he needs to feel it.

We got to church and I wanted to keep my coat on, what would the ladies think.  Most of them are so cute and fashion savvy.  

Why do I care?  Isn't the joy of my son worth far much more than the glances and weird stares from the ladies here?  

I started to explain to a couple people that my son made it for me, realizing I was still embarrassed.  I then stopped.  Stopped explaining away the bracelet, stopped trying to hide it and wore it proudly.

How I am around this little boy is forming in his mind what a woman should be.  I want to set the bar high, I pray I can set the bar high.  Praying he'll find the one...cherish her and lead her closer to the Lord.  

One of my jobs is to set the bar high, to show him he's a good boy/little man, he's important, he's strong, he makes me feel special, he's mine.  This little man is mine for now, and I am his lady.   He opens the door for mama, pats her head when she's not feeling well, carries heavy things for me, "cooks" for me, and so much more.  He's more of a man every day - a gentleman!

May I set the bar high.  May he know without a doubt he is loved and respected!


Sandi said...

Very nice thoughts, but where is the bracelet????? :)

Colette said...

Aw, that was sweet Mandi. Annika hasn't made me anything like that yet but I hope I do the same if it is not quite my style. That shows a lot about a mother's love. Thanks for sharing.

kseedfaith said...

That is awesome Amanda, setting the bar high for our sons is so important, and I will chime in with Sandi- where's the bracelet?! I want to see it too! :)

Sandi said...

awwwww cute bracelet and hats off to you for wearing it!! :)

Anonymous said...

I want to set the bar high, too!