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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Herbal Tea

I made this up a couple years ago and it has def. been a summer favorite for me as well as for my kids.  If you can't drink black tea because of the caffeine (or other reasons), give this a try.

3 parts red raspberry leaf tea (not raspberry flavored)
1 part peppermint tea

1. Steep tea as your normally would.  For me I use enough boiled water for a 2 quart pitcher.  I usually add in 6 Red Raspberry tea bags and 2 Peppermint Tea Bags.  If I have bulk, each tea bag itself usually contains about 1 teaspoon of loose tea.  I steep for 10 - 15 minutes, then take the tea bags out.

2. Add sweetener to taste - honey, stevia, etc...

3. Chill.

It's that simple. What you're left with is a refreshing glass of tea for those hot summer days.  Below are some benefits of each of these teas.  Use caution when drinking peppermint tea while pregnant.  Spearmint is generally a better option.

Red Raspberry Leaf


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herbal tea said...

Herbal tea is caffeine free and best for the health in summer days. I also like to drink herbal tea in a summer days.