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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Baby Daniel Is Here!

Enjoy the pictures and birth story.  I have not had time to proof-read so I apologize for any mistake.  

My friend Angela took this picture along with the next 4 pictures.  She did such a great job!

 My daughter Allysha singing to her baby brother.

 Daddy with all his boys! 

 The first time the kids saw baby.

Daddy is in love.

Because of my elevated blood pressure, my induction date for our dear Daniel was on Thursday, November 8th.  I was so ready to have him and so excited we had a date that we would have him for sure.

Daniel…well, he decided he didn't want to wait till 6am the morning of his induction.  No way!  He decided he wanted to start the process at midnight.  This is when I started having intense contractions right away 5-7 minutes apart.  By 2pm I went to the bathroom, wiped and saw "boody show".  I knew then it was on.  Contractions at this point were closer yet.  I called hubby up to get things around for me.  With high bp…I had to stay down as much as possible and let me tell you, laboring on your left side alone stinks!  Yes I had my lovely back labor again.  

We got into the car ready to go - I sat out waiting while Matt went back in a couple times - for what I can't remember. I just remember the windows were frosted and I was shaking so bad; my whole body.  Not just from the cold but that's how my body was acting during labor.  As my husband drove me to the hospital, contractions were getting much harder and were 2-3 minutes apart.  When we arrived, I got into a wheel chair and was wheeled up to labor and delivery  while Matt parked the car.  I cried at the fact he wouldn't be going up with me initially but wiped my tears and tried to pull up my big girl panties.  Just as I sat down, my water broke.  Good thing I had a pad on as I was expecting this.

When I arrived at about 2:30pm, I was put in the midwife room - love it!  It's nice and large and even has a queen sized bed along with the regular hospital bed for laboring.  I was told to change into a gown which I felt I could barely do with how I was feeling.  I got on the toilet and contractions again were insane.  I got the gown on, their disposable socks and got into bed remembering I had to lay down to keep my bp down.  I'd do whatever it took to have this little guy vaginally.  It's funny how they say they have to check and make sure it's truly the water that broke.  When mine breaks it doesn't trickle, it's gushes.  But check they did.  lol  We went on for a few hours with labor definitely making progress.  My body got to 6-7 centimeters on it's own which has never happened before!  I'm so glad it worked so well.  At this point with not being able to move, sit on my ball, etc… because of bp, I ended up asking for an epideral.  My main reason other than pain was adrenal issues.  I had the same type of back pain with my last labor and really think the trauma of it all contributed to adrenal issues later.  The epideral was put in around 6:30am and my blood pressure dropped like a rock down to 74/44 and I felt pretty crappy kinda in and out of it.  I was given a couple things in my iv to help bring it back up.  The whole time I had my sweet hubby fan me as I thought I was either going to throw up, pass out or both.  Praise God things started to even out and my body came back to a much better place.  Things started going numb from the waist down and I finally got some much needed relief.  It was actually quite wonderful.  My body quit shaking like it had the entire time and not only was I able to relax, I was able to take short naps which was a HUGE blessing!  If you know anything about epiderals you know that they can slow labor and that it did.  They had to use a bit of pitocin to get my body to start back up again and it worked great.

It got to the point where I could start feeling contractions up high in my belly but not in my back…then I literally felt baby moving down the birth canal.  I'm guessing this was around 10:30am or so???  No pain, just feeling him move down.  It was honestly the coolest feeling because I had no pain but could feel what was happening.  He'd go down, then come up a bit.  After that went on for awhile, I felt him really moving low and asked them to check me because I felt like he was there ready to come out.  Sure enough, they say half a head!!!  My body was pushing him out on it's own.  I have pushed to get the rest of his head out and then one full push and the rest of him came out.  The crazy thing was my midwife wasn't expecting him to come that soon and she was just on her way up.  She missed the delivery and the nurses in there ended up delivery my sweet baby boy.  My midwife walked in just afterwards and apologized…I was just super happy my baby was here safe and sound - so thankful!  Daniel was born at 12:28pm which was just in time for mama to have her lunch she had ordered in.  lol!  See, he's a good boy to his mama already!  He was immediately put on my belly which I love!  I got more emotional this time than I ever have before.  My midwife looked at me and said "you look SO happy!"  I indeed was!  She said my placenta looked incredibly healthy which I was SO happy for!

And…he has hair!!!!!  My first son didn't have any and my second only had peach fuzz.  I really wanted a dark haired baby and God saw to even give me my want…not just a healthy baby but one with dark hair. 

Fast forward to today - he's 5 days old and is my little dream boy.  He's such a good, sweet baby.  He nurses so well and has since birth.  Yes…definitely baby mooning here.