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Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall Decor

I'm just starting to get out some of my fall decor. Oh that and our fence is finally now all white! It's only taken over a year. rofl!

Here is a little section of my front porch. I got the scarecrow at the Dollar Tree. How cute is he!

Up next is our back deck. We still need to stain this but are just waiting for the rain to stop:) I can't wait till the mums completely open up. How pretty they will be!

Next up is a close up of the mums:)

This picture is the most "thrifty". I got the centerpiece item at Goodwill for $.99. It was a new Target item. The tablecloth I got at clearance at Target for under $5.

Last but not least is a view of most of our fence. Praise the Lord it's now finished!

We still have many more things that need to be finished in the house. Pictures will soon follow. Why the rush? Well, we're hoping to get our home re-acessed so we can save over $300 per month on our house payment. I'll also update you on that;)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jungle Java and Thrifty Finds

Today was so much fun! We headed down to Ann Arbor for some resale shopping and some fun for the kids. This was Joshua's first trip to Ann Arbor and since it was game day we put on his "My Very First Michigan Shirt" - U of M of course! We had to take a picture to commemorate. lol!

Our first stop was Value World - that is where I like to go to find larger amounts of resale clothes for the kids if I can't find them up here. I had a list of things Joshua and Jonathan needed so we headed down. For around $30 we got all you see below. Here's a listing....

Little People Barn with Animals
2 pair jeans for Joshua
1 pair jeans for Jonathan
2 shirts for Jonathan
2 outfits for Joshua
2 sleepers for Joshua
1 sheet for the boys room to make into curtains - it's Disney's Cars
1 pack-n-play sheet for our co-sleeper
1 set of books for Lyshie - they are Misty (the horse) books
2 books for Matt
1 book for me
3 misc. books for the kids
3 puzzles
1 magnadoodle

Next on the list was Jungle Java. I remember my MOPS table going there one day, however Lyshie and I missed it because we were sick. That was 5 years ago when she was only 5 years old. Crazy how big they get! Anyway, my friend Angela reminded me of the location in Ann Arbor and I thought "hey, this would be fun!" You see, we weren't able to have a family vacation this year so I wanted to do something neat for the kids. Well, here it was. As soon as we walked in, Jonathan wanted to take off. So did Lyshie for that matter. It is a bit bigger than my pictures show. It has 4 separate party rooms, a cafe with a good sized eating area, Toddler area, big kid area, even a family bathroom along with the regular ones! I fell in love and so did the kids. I can't count on my hands how many times Allysha said "Oh mom, I'm having so much fun!".

We're now home with my honey resting and getting ready to make some grilled pizza. This day has been just what I needed. Thank you Lord!

Friday, September 18, 2009

God's Provision - Thrifty Finds!

I knew there was no way we could afford to buy Allysha a new coat at the tune of $50 or more - so, we started searching Salvation Army and Goodwill. On only our 3rd attempt, God provided Lyshie with a like new coat for only $4!!! The total amount we paid for all items below was just over $13. What a blessing!

Lyshie's new (to her) Arizona coat. Don't let the look on her face fool you. She was totally psyched!

3 pair of pants for Joshua size 0-3 months, 2 long sleeved shirts for Joshua size 0-3 months, jingle bells and a case full of safari animal stamps (for ink pads).

Pants for Jonathan to wear to open gym night.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thrifty Finds

Today we went to Goodwill again. Thankfully it's only 3-4 minutes from my house. We usually don't find anything for Allysha but this time we hit the jackpot! We got her two pairs of jeans that fit perfect! That in itself is very hard to do. You can see the pretty embellishments in the picture above. We also got her the jean jacket you see in the picture and all the shirts as well as the little dress (which will be worn over pants). The dress, and one of the shirts still had the tags on them! The red hooded fleece jacket I got for myself. I got it a size or two bigger so that I can wear my son in a sling and still put the coat over him. It zips from the bottom up so that I can only zip it up as far as we need to. I'm super excited about that! Last but not least, I got Joshua the little hat and Allysha a picture holder. You know those pretty boards that have ribbon on them and you slip the pictures in? Well I got her one of those. It is purple with butterflies all over it. It will look great in her room. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of that. It went right upstairs in her room.

My grand total was $17.71 which is more than I usually spend but considering one of the coats is for babywearing, another is like new and 2 other things are new with the tags, I didn't much care about the price this time. I think we did good.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The many faces of Joshua

Matt some of these pix a few days ago when Joshua was in quite the mood. I just had to post them. lol!

I think I might be in need of something...

Can someone please help me!

Just leave me alone.

I know mom says this is not polite but I just had to do it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Making Herbs Simple Giveaway

There are many companies out there that I just absolutely love. The Bulk Herb Store just happens to be one of them. I just recently purchased a couple of herbs from their store and made an amazing salve for my son because of some terrible mosquito bites he gets. Imagine my surprise when I received a package from them only 1 day after I placed my order. Talk about exciting! Their website is also full of how-to information, uses for each herb they sell and more.

So, without anymore rambling, this giveaway is for the dvd, Making Herbs Simple from The Bulk Herb Store.

To get one entry comment on this post. For a second entry become a follower, for a third entry post this giveaway on your blog. I will draw the winner on October 1st. Entries are closed at 9 am (est) the 2nd to give me time to get it all together and declare a winner in the evening. Please make sure to post with your comment if you've become a follower or posted about this giveaway on your blog. That way I can make sure to give you your extra entries.

***U.S. Residents only please***

Monday, September 14, 2009

Let the schooling begin!

Jon and Allysha - First official day of school. What cheesy grins!

Joshua - Just finished nursing on first official day of school. lol!

My how times flies. It seems like yesterday my little Lyshie was just starting pre-k at age 4. This year she's beginning the 5th grade and Jonathan is beginning pre-k at age 3 1/2. Crazy how each child is different. For example:

Lyshie could color perfectly in the lines at age 4. Jonathan still scribbles all over the pictures with 1/2 year to go.
Lyshie could write her name correctly before she turned 4. Jonathan can't write very many letters yet.
Lyshie knew her alphabet but was struggling with phonetic sounds at 4 1/2. Jonathan at 3 1/2 knows most of his phonetic sounds.
Lyshie could count to at least 50 but didn't know how to group things at age 4. Jonathan can count to 20 but can group well and knows what the numbers actually mean.
LYshie was carrying on adult conversations at 4 years old - yes adult conversations. We still have a hard time understanding some of the things Jonathan says.
Lyshie could not jump well with both feet. Jonathan can jump over his daddy with both feet.
LYshie and Jonathan both are great at memorization.
Best of all, little Jon and Allysha both love each other very much as well as the rest of their family - despite the big gap in age.

How is it that kids can be so different. I'm really looking forward to what little Joshua has to add to our family. What a joy!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My boys - 1 month old

I thought I'd find pictures today of each of my boys at 1 month of age. Crazy thing is, these pictures make them look so similar! What do you think.

My how time has flown. My eldest little man is 3 1/2 and Joshua is 5 weeks old. God is so good to our family allowing us to love and live with one another. I hope to have many more years with my amazing family. What a blessing they are!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Grandparents, Planes and Kids:)

This past Friday we decided spur of the moment that we should make the trip down to see my grandparents. It was so much fun! Because of health issues, my grandparents cannot travel up here to see their new grandson. So, Joshua went down to see them. I just love my grandparents so much. I cannot begin to tell you the amazing impact they have made on my life.

My Wonderful Grandma Good.

My Amazing Grandpa Good.

My wonderful husband took our camera with us and got these neat pictures of the kids at my grandparents home. How neat to see them where I used to play!

Lyshie with a book from Grandma's bookcase. I thought Matt had such a neat idea with this picture!

Here is Lyshie in front of my Grandpa's shop. Oh the hours he'd spend out there when I was a kid. He'd bring out sawdust for me to make a sawdust cake. I would put mud frosting on it and decorate it with flowers. Those were the days!

Jon in front of Grandpa's shop.

Lyshie on the swing I swung on as a girl.

Lyshie on a swing again.

Jon on the swing

Jon on the swing again.

For anyone who knows my dad and grandpa, they fly their planes together as soon as the ground is warm and nice enough to fly on. They start getting a bit grumpy/antsy in the winter months since they cna't fly their planes then. lol.

My Daddy and Grandpa with Dad's plane.

The little pink haired man flying the plane;)

Last but not least is a picture of yours truly with my wonderful husband. I told him I wanted a pix of us together:)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Homeschool Back To School Picnic

Or not back to school I guess;) We had our picnic last weekend so obviously I'm slow at getting pictures up. The kids are always excited to have our picnic that kicks off the school year. While this year was only the second, they were thrilled none the less. It was the first day where all 3 of my children went to the park together. We got to meet a new homeschooling family and fellowship with other homeschooling kids/parents. What a fun day!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To...

Ok, maybe not cry. lol. Today was my 30th birthday! Can you believe it? Not only was today my 30th birthday, but today my new son turned 4 weeks old. What a day to celebrate!

First of all, my friend Tonya came over and made me some birthday soup. It's Korean and the recipe can be found anywhere online. Very yummy and nutritious. I just love the story behind it.

Next, my wonderful husband came home from work and I had to leave asap to renew my plates and I thought my license. I get up to renew everything, pay and walk up to have my picture taken. The lady says "What are you doing? You don't need your license renewed". Oops, big blooper on my part. So I voided my check and wrote a smaller one. That sure was nice. lol! I tell you what, this brain isn't quite working. Lyshie and I (and JOshua) then went to the Salvation Army which was very close by and got some clothes for Joshua and a KinderMat for Jonathan (nip). Lyshie said "Is this where you're going to spend your birthday - in Salvation Army". I said, "why sure, it doesn't bother me". lol

Next, on to home where my amazing husband was already cooking some fabulous brick chicken, cheesy hashbrown potatoes and some amazing pasta.

Last but not least was my birthday cake and gift form Lyshie. Lyshie gave me some of my favorite cookies - almond crescent, as well as a handmade flower. She's so stinkin sweet!

That was my amazing day in a nutshell. Now off to bed to watch the rest of Miss Potter, a girly movie. Oh and I did not have to do dinner dishes at all! How cool is that?