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Monday, September 14, 2009

Let the schooling begin!

Jon and Allysha - First official day of school. What cheesy grins!

Joshua - Just finished nursing on first official day of school. lol!

My how times flies. It seems like yesterday my little Lyshie was just starting pre-k at age 4. This year she's beginning the 5th grade and Jonathan is beginning pre-k at age 3 1/2. Crazy how each child is different. For example:

Lyshie could color perfectly in the lines at age 4. Jonathan still scribbles all over the pictures with 1/2 year to go.
Lyshie could write her name correctly before she turned 4. Jonathan can't write very many letters yet.
Lyshie knew her alphabet but was struggling with phonetic sounds at 4 1/2. Jonathan at 3 1/2 knows most of his phonetic sounds.
Lyshie could count to at least 50 but didn't know how to group things at age 4. Jonathan can count to 20 but can group well and knows what the numbers actually mean.
LYshie was carrying on adult conversations at 4 years old - yes adult conversations. We still have a hard time understanding some of the things Jonathan says.
Lyshie could not jump well with both feet. Jonathan can jump over his daddy with both feet.
LYshie and Jonathan both are great at memorization.
Best of all, little Jon and Allysha both love each other very much as well as the rest of their family - despite the big gap in age.

How is it that kids can be so different. I'm really looking forward to what little Joshua has to add to our family. What a joy!

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