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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Grandparents, Planes and Kids:)

This past Friday we decided spur of the moment that we should make the trip down to see my grandparents. It was so much fun! Because of health issues, my grandparents cannot travel up here to see their new grandson. So, Joshua went down to see them. I just love my grandparents so much. I cannot begin to tell you the amazing impact they have made on my life.

My Wonderful Grandma Good.

My Amazing Grandpa Good.

My wonderful husband took our camera with us and got these neat pictures of the kids at my grandparents home. How neat to see them where I used to play!

Lyshie with a book from Grandma's bookcase. I thought Matt had such a neat idea with this picture!

Here is Lyshie in front of my Grandpa's shop. Oh the hours he'd spend out there when I was a kid. He'd bring out sawdust for me to make a sawdust cake. I would put mud frosting on it and decorate it with flowers. Those were the days!

Jon in front of Grandpa's shop.

Lyshie on the swing I swung on as a girl.

Lyshie on a swing again.

Jon on the swing

Jon on the swing again.

For anyone who knows my dad and grandpa, they fly their planes together as soon as the ground is warm and nice enough to fly on. They start getting a bit grumpy/antsy in the winter months since they cna't fly their planes then. lol.

My Daddy and Grandpa with Dad's plane.

The little pink haired man flying the plane;)

Last but not least is a picture of yours truly with my wonderful husband. I told him I wanted a pix of us together:)

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