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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Working Out and Christian Workout Music/Playlist

If you have read past posts, I had very bad health for several years.  That followed a bout of difficulties and depression as well as hormonal imbalances.  At this current time in my life, my body is doing okay :)  I started working out because I knew it was good for my hormones and depression.  Turns out I love it!  However, I still need to be careful not to overdo it and cause more hormonal problems.

Starting out I simply walked or rebounded.  Rebounding was great for my joints since I was diagnosed with osteopenia several years ago.  I would do 5 minutes of walking or rebounding before I knew it was time to stop.

Moving forward I realized weight bearing exercises would be good for my osteopenia.  Taking it very slowly I got a weight bench and put it in my basement.  However, that was short lived because it's difficult trying to workout with a crawling baby in a basement full of things that could potentially hurt him.  I was constantly stopping my routine to help him.

Next, I decided to purchase dumbbells and a rack (off of craigslist).  I can have it on the main floor where I can watch the baby and things are baby proofed.  Now my trampoline and weight rack with several sized dumbbells are ready for me to do my 4 day a week routine.  I was also able to purchase a gently used punching bag.  That will come in hand for the winter depression issues - something new and fun along with being good for my health.

Why am I blogging now when I haven't for so long?  Well, first I wanted to get my Christian playlist up.  It seems no one has a good Christian music playlist up for working out on Pinterest, so I thought I'd add one.  Second, to give hope to those who have health issues who cannot work out a lot but can do a bit.  Below is where I started and where I am now.

Initial Workouts:
Walking or rebounding for 5 minutes.  This led to longer workout times.

2nd Phase:
5 barbell exercises in the basement with dancing as my warm up 5 minutes before.

3rd phase:
Warming up by dancing or on my trampoline.
Monday, and Thursday - Wall pushups, dumbbell shrug, barbell curl, tricep kickback and wrist curls.
Wed. - Friday - Reverse crunch, pelvic tilt, squats, leg lifts, calve raises and toe lifts.

4th phase (Just started and haven't figured out yet if it's too much. Time will tell.):
Warming up by dancing/jumping on trampoline and doing jumping jacks.
Monday - Thursday - Modified pushups, dumbbell shrugs, upright row, seated tricep dips, barbell curls, overhead shoulder press, tricep kick back and wrist curls.
Wednesday - Friday - Plank, dumbbell side bender, reverse crunch, pelvic tilt, squats, leg lifts, lateral leg lifts, calve raises, toe lifts.

I'm so thankful my body is keeping up.  I don't know how long this will last but I'm so thankful while it's here.  I also received results from my bone density scan and instead of my body getting worse like it has the past times, I have seen improvement!  I'm so super excited!

Below is a list of the songs I use on random play for my workout.
My True Love - Plumb
Everybody Get Up - Rapture Ruckus
Boomerang - Rapture Ruckus
Mr. Roboto - Rapture Ruckus
Anthem - Superchick
Let the Sparks Fly - Thousand Foot Crutch
Monster - Skillet
Tonight - TobyMac
Gold - Beckah Shae
#putyourloveglasseson - Beckah Shae
Funky Jesus Music - TobyMac
Momentum - TobyMac
Y.W.N.T.M.D. - Beacon Light
Overload - Beacon Light
Make Some Noise - Krystal Meyers
Rock the Party - P.O.D.
Get Up - Blanca

Monday, March 30, 2015

Healthy Food After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

I'm having my very first wisdom tooth extracted Wednesday.  I have a lot of food allergies (corn, soy, wheat, chocolate, lettuce and coffee) and I've been trying to figure out what I can have that will mostly (mostly) stick to my diet.  Most people I talk to eat jello, ice cream and broth.  I wanted a bit more than that so here goes :)

Jello is good one but did you know you can make it out of 100% fruit juice and gelatin?  That keeps it corn free of for me ;)  Martha Stewart has a good recipe that works very well.  Homemade Fruit Juice Gelatin.

Stonyfield Whole Milk French Vanilla Yogurt is def. on this girls list.  You can eat it by itself or make a very yummy smoothie with orange juice, frozen banana and this yogurt.  That way you're also getting a good source of vitamin c.  

Mashed Potatoes - enough said right ;)  If you aren't allergic to corn or wheat, make some homemade chicken gravy up ahead of time too.

Tribe Classic Hummus!  Since I'm allergic to soy there are a lot of brands of hummus I can't have.  Fortunately, I can have this one.

Unsweetened Applesauce cups.  Yep, this one is a given like jello isn't it?  Going unsweetened doesn't mean it's not sweet.  It just means there's no high fructose corn syrup in it.

Broth!  This is probably the most popular I've read about.  But instead of purchasing it at the store and getting barely any nutrients out of it, make it at home a day or two before.  It's super simple to make and very nourishing no matter what state your body is in.  Learn how to make this lovely broth here.

Naked Protein Mango Smoothie.  This is the one thing I'm cheating on when it comes to my allergy diet.  There is soy in this for the protein factor.  But, it's easy to pick up and have ready. There are lots of fruits in this as well.  Having 4 kids and a husband who works a lot, it's important for me to have a couple of these for my sanity ;)

Last but not least Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie.  I freeze very ripe bananas ahead of time.  Throw a frozen banana, some milk and peanut butter in the blender and you're good to go.  Alternatives are alternative milks or water, yogurt, vanilla, etc...  The basic recipe offers vitamins and protein.  You can find the simple version of this here.

So, here's to hoping my recovery is quick.  I don't like the thought of any kind of surgery minor or not.  But I am very thankful for all the posts and information online that helped me put this list together.  

I have some more information posted on my pinterest account under health.  Feel free to visit me there.

Wish me luck ;)