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Monday, January 9, 2012

Clinging to the One

It's amazing how trouble in our family can shake our world
make us feel like everything is upside down
and inside out.
It heightens some senses
while it numbs others.
Odd isn't it?

I had one of these moments not long ago.
I felt like my heart
was living outside of my body
being trampled and beaten.
I had a hard time catching my breath
and each minute it was quiet, 
I had time to think...
to ponder on "what if".
That wasn't a pleasant road.

When seeking the counsel of friends
many offered a choice;
a choice to turn aside from my convictions
and find another path.
The confusion was overwhelming
and caused me to question.

By God's grace alone, I was able to stand firm
to hold on to those convictions 
and see peace renewed
relationships restored
Love Came Down!


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