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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Planters Warts and Duct Tape

So, my daughter ended up having this very sore spot on her heel. I thought she had gotten a sliver in it and it was pushing it's way out. After having my friend, Sheryl, look at it we discovered it was actually a planters wart. After a bit of searching online I found the cheapest and easiest way for removal - duct tape. Sounds like something on the Red, Green show doesn't it? lol I also realized I had one on my big toe on my left foot.

As you can see in the pictures above, where the duct tape is there is a clearly defined circle in the center. Underneath there is where our planters warts are. We have been using duct tape now for about a week. Somewhere around day 4, Allysha came up to me and said "some white stuff came off on the duct tape when I took it off". This was some dead skin cells. A day or so later we started seeing black spots inside her wart area meaning it is dying.

Allysha has only had hers for a few months while I've had mine for at least a year or longer. I don't expect to see quite those results with mine as quickly as she did hers. However, I plan to have a full recovery of mine too. I'll post more pix as the time goes on.

Here are some links that might be of interest to you should you want to do this as well.

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Sept. 30th - Lyshie has had hers start to turn black in little spots. Tonight we put a drop of tea tree oil on the affected area, let it dry out and put tape back on it. I myself have only gotten more dead skin build up around mine so far.

October 5th - Last night when my daughter was changing her tape, she had some black seeds on it. We put a bit more tea tree oil on the platers wart area - although now there's more of a hole there than there used to be. We covered it back up with tape after the tea tree oil had dried up.

More updates - I'm sorry for not updating sooner. My daughters planters wart is now completely gone.