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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Recommended Netflix Movies

I often see facebook posts of people looking for good, wholesome movies to watch with their spouse or their family.  Because of that,  I thought I'd make a list of netflix movies that our family has enjoyed, found educational, etc...  If you have some you think I should add to this list, leave me a comment.  I'll be updating periodically.

Here goes!!

Family Movies:
The Hiding Place
*The Last Sin Eater
The Ultimate Gift
*The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry
*Saving Sarah Cain
Letters to God - this is a tear gripper!
Faith Like Potatoes - caution here is the language used by an unsaved man in the beginning.
End of the Spear
*Chariots of Fire
Facing the Giants
*Beyond the Gates of Splendor
Chronicles of Narnia
One Night with the King
*A Vow to Cherish
The Inn of the Sixth Happiness
Little House on the Prairie
Swiss Family Robinson
17 Kids and Counting - this is the Duggar series.  I love this!  It's so inspiration!
Mandie Series
Sugar Creek Gang Series
Anna and the King
Anne of Green Gables Series
Glory Road
Remember the Titans
Little Lord Fauntleroy
The Blind Side
The Adventure's of Tom Sawyer
American Girl Movies
Little Men
The Other Side of Heaven

Just for Kids:
Adventure's In Odyssey
Dangerous Journey
The Prince of Egypt
Hermie and Friends
Veggies Tales
Word World

Movies for Adults and/or Older Teens:
The Kingdom - caution, violence.
Something the Lord Made
Fireproof - Great for any married couple!
*Amish Grace
Amazing Grace - Amazing!  Directed by Michael Apted
Love Comes Softly Series 
Driving Miss Daisy
Pride and Prejucide
Miss Potter
*Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace
*Though None Go With Me
Sense and Sensibility

Educational Movies:
Liberty's Kids - great historical movies for kids.  I even love them!
How Stuff Works
How It's Made
Myth Busters - Be careful for language!
Drive Thru History Series
John Wycliff - a fabulous story of a man who translated the bible.
God of Wonders 
Creatures that Defy Evolution - this is so neat!
Robber of the Cruel Streets - this is good but is not dramatized.
The Nativity Story
Torchlighter's - Christian history for kids.
The Journey of Sacagawea
The Business of Being Born - caution, nudity - this can be helpful for young women.
Hotel Rowanda - not for young children.
The Future of Food
The Amish - A People of Preservation
Battlefield Detectives: The Apaches
Lewis and Clark - The Journey
The Diary of Anne Frank
March of the Penguins
Pilgrim's Progress
Martin Luther
To Market, To Market, To Buy A Fat Pig - talks about local food and farmers markets.
The Hiding Place
*An Uncommon Union
Greeks: Crucible of Civilization - this is great for teaching about Ancient Greece!
Footsteps of Goliath - while no one mentioned that it was God who was with David, this is very fascinating.

*The Case for Faith
*The Case for Christ
*The Case for a Creator
*The Tabernacle
Expelled - No Intelligence Allowed
The Passion of the Christ
The Gospel of John
The Book of Ruth - while this was entertaining, it is not at all biblically accurate.  You may want to pass on this one.
The Tabernacle - this really shows what the tabernacle would have been like and explains things well.
Great Souls: Mother Teresa - this was so inspiring and lovely.

*Indicates movies I have not yet viewed myself.


Jamie said...

Awesome list, thank you!

CheshireLizzy said...

I have seen some of these. I will say that "Inn of the Sixth Happiness", if it's the one with Ingrid Bergman, is not very accurate. She would never have entangled herself (and did not) with an unbeliever.
But what Gladys Alyward did with the foot-binders and the Gospel is amazing. I love how (not in this movie) she, who was short and had dark eyes and black hair and always felt left-out in England, stepped off the train in China and saw all the Chinese, who were likewise short and had dark hair and eyes and knew she was where she was meant to be.
Also, this movie doesn't quite get her heart for the Lord Jesus as much as she did. It was because of her love for the Lord that she loved the people so.
Still a good movie, though.

Taylor said...
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Nathaniel said...

That's a great list! Thanks! I'll have to add many of them to my list of family movies. I'd also suggest "A Little Princess". Both the old Shirley Temple and the remake in the 90s are good. Though I guess the book beats them all.

sarah gomez said...

nice but what about heartland the best show ever

cooper cole said...

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jowdjbrown said...

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Robert F. Crocker said...

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Robert F. Crocker said...

If you have some you think I should add to this list, leave me a comment. I'll be updating periodically. movies & cartoons