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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas with my parents

We were able to make a quick stop at my parents house to exchange gifts.  What fun!  Here is what they did for Matthew and I.  I only hope I'm half as cleaver when my children are married.  The last gift had some $$ in it as well.  What a fun surprise!

There was a table full of labeled gifts with this first note.

"Mr & Mrs. Clause thought long and hard about what to get their children for Christmas this year and they hope you are pleased with what they chose.  They are requesting that you open your gifts in numerical order."

Gift #1 Let's start out with something fun.

Gift #2 Next Mr. Mrs. Clause thought some of you might need this to help you in your baking endeavors.

Gift #3 All of a sudden Mr. Clause pipes up and says "We can't forget the guys", so they looked for something to spice up your life.

Gift #4 But then what about their homes?  Everyone loves a little decor don't they?

Gift #5 Looking at the list again they noticed some corn would probably be appreciated.  After all everyone needs veggies!  Hope you enjoy yours!

Gift #6 We then found something that we thought might help you stay slim?

Gift #7 ...and what would the holidays be without some chocolate?

Gift #8 Whew...I think we are almost at the end.  Wait! We almost forgot the spiced rum! {ha ha!}  We opted for this instead.

Gift #9 Last, but not least we think this is the sweetest gift of all!  Check it out! :)

Merry Christmas!!! 
We love you Mandi and Matt!

Mr. And Mr. Santa


Jamie said...

Such a cute and thoughtful gift!

Sandi said...

Aren't your parents so clever?? ROFL!! Hey where is the picture of the most beloved gift?? The nerf gun??? :)