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Monday, December 14, 2009

Nice Weekend

We have a very nice extended weekend with my hubby. He took Friday and today off but has to go back to work tomorrow. That said, I'm very grateful he has a job - I just love seeing him is all. Below is a picture we took of our family at church. I have a feeling this will be our Christmas picture to share. I don't foresee us doing another one anytime soon. rofl!

In other news, I made a broccoli soup yesterday that Matt loved. This is a huge deal because he's not very fond of broccoli. Here's the recipe. Instead of using velveeta, I just used twice the amount of cheddar. I also added in some shredded chicken (that's what my brother does with his soup). Everyone loved it! It was nice, thick and hearty. Can you find the bunch of broccoli in the below picture? I got this picture from this site. Very neat eigh?

Hmmm, not much more else to tell. Oh wait, there is! I'm making a whole foods type cookbook - ebook style. If you have any recipes to submit, please let me know. This will be available as soon as I feel I have enough recipes to make a book from. I'm also hoping to put tips and other neat little tidbits of info in this ebook. Woot!

Well that's all for now. Have a blessed evening!

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Sandi said...

Nice family pix!!!!!