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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Old Navy's Biggest Sale of the Year

We hit it today while it was only on it's second day of hte sale. Everything on clearance was an extra 50% off! Here's what we got with $35 and change.

1 black dress for Lyshie
1 twizzlers shirt for lyshie
1 blue shirt with a bird on it for me
1 black shirt with a bird on it for me
1 purple long sleeved shirt for lyshie
1 pink collared shirt for lyshie
1 sleeveless pink summer shirt for lyshie
1 winter coat for Joshua
2 stainless steel water bottles for the boys - don't like the picture so well but they were under $2!
2 pairs of flip flops for Jon
1 hooded sweatshirt for Jon
1 pair pj pants for me
1 flag shirt for Matt
1 green shirt with crazy floral print for me
1 sleeveless shirt for Jon for the summer
1 pair brown boots for me!!!
2 pairs flip flops for Lyshie for summer

What do you think about that? To my knowledge this sale is still going on through Monday. Get it while you can!


Jess said...

good deals momma! I posted my pics early too. So glad everyone that can is getting in on this deal. I debated going back for another look today but ended up going because my mom wanted to...glad I did!

Boothman family 3 said...

Wow Mandi, looks like you got some great deals! Too bad we don't get paid until monday night so we're going to miss it but glad you got to take advantage of it.

Hillis said...

WOW! Wish there was a Navy around here. Thats the way to get them. Good job Mandi. If a person could they would be able to take a bite out of next Christmas....

Amanda Kaake said...

You're so right dad! I just went back because of your suggestion and got gifts for ALL my nieces and nephews! It's not all clothes either! It was so much fun! It took an hour going back and forth making final selections. lol!