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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Holiday/Season Themed Craft Bags

I have seen ideas for preschool activity bags that I thought were just darling. Lately it's annoyed me that I don't do nearly the amount of crafts that I'd like to with my children. So, my way of making this easier for us is taking the concept idea for the activity bags and using it for holiday themed crafts.

I first find ideas for crafts I like from online, then print of the directions and templates needed. Make sure if you're doing these for more than one child, that you print out enough templates for each child. Only one set of directions is needed.

If you have a totally awesome craft supply stash - Great! If not, I suggest going to the Dollar Tree (not Dollar Store) and Big Lots to pick up these items. IF you can't find what you need there, Walmart also has a good selection and great prices if you're on a strict budget. Also never underestimate freecycle and

Get together your large zip lock bags - the freezer bags with labels work best. Also have on hand some snack size baggies for those little pieces. Label each freezer bag with the appropriate holiday. For instance, Christmas, Easter, etc...

Next figure out which holiday you're going to start with. I like to start with the first holiday we'll be doing crafts for in the calendar year. Get all your links together, print all pages and one by one, start gathering supplies for your crafts. Put them all in the appropriate bag and zipper shut. Below is a picture from the Homeschool Blogger of her preschool activity bags. You get the idea though.

How easy is that? It's just taking me a bit of time here and there to get mine all assembled and ready to go. The cool things is we'll have crafts for the entire year in just a couple days work from me ahead of time! Have fun crafting with your kids!

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Maria said...

PERFECT, I love it.