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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chicken Caesar Salad Wraps

This was something I threw together today in 10 minutes. IT was so yummy! The kids loved it as well. With it we had some leftover chicken rice and cheese soup. Perfect for this day! I however, was not able to take pictures because Matt had to take the camera to work today. So, the pix above is borrowed.

Enjoy the recipe below! This is very satisfying, the flavor is very good and it's super easy to make. This is one of those perfect meals to make for an unexpected guest. I used some chicken I had cooked in the crockpot heavily seasoned with garlic powder. You could also use a rotisserie chicken. A lot of chicken caesar salad wraps have croutons in them. I didn't feel this needed it. This is great for those people who don't prefer spinach. Because it's mixed with a lot of chicken and some dressing (and of course a bit of cheese and onion), it's more like a lettuce most people are used to. The flavor of the spinach is not overwhelming.

Chicken Casear Salad Wrap
Fresh spinach leaves
Shredded cooked chicken
Caesar Dressing
Fresh Romano or parmesan cheese
Thinly sliced red onion
Flour Tortillas

1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Add just a bit of dressing at a time till you get the desired amount of wetness to your salad.
2. Place a decent amount of filling down the center of the tortilla.
3. Bring one side up around the filling, then roll the rest.


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