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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Teaching the worth/value of money to children.

I just recently read a post where someone wanted to know what they should teach their their kindergarten child. That led me way back to the time when I was teaching Allysha in grade K. One of the things that should be taught in pre-k, K is recognition of our different coins and bills. Later on they learn what each coin value is and how to add and subtract. Here's a few ideas that helped us tremendously. You would not believe how fast Allysha learned this way. She had quite the incentive. lol!

Oh and before I forget, there's no need at all to go out and purchase fake money. Use what you have on hand. You don't need that much of each coin/bill and it teaches them how to use the real thing.

I purchased a few items at Dollar Tree and Goodwill - items that would very much capture the interest of my daughter.
Each item had a different price tag on it. $.01, $.05, $.10, $25, $.50, $1.00.
Next, we got out one of each coin and a dollar bill.
We then proceeded to teach our daughter what the value of a penny, nickel, etc...was.
Once she could remember this on her own, she was able to "purchase" the item with that price tag on it.

Since the value of the coins/bills were now known, we moved on to addition and subtraction.
The stakes went up and different "new" items were priced at $.13, $.29 and so on.
Once again, when my daughter could give me the correct change, she was able to "purchase" the items she got correct.

It was so much fun not only for my daughter but for myself. I purchased things like Dollar Tree puzzles, crayons (back to school sales), tape (because she LOVED tape!) and more.

Now that my daughter is in 5th grade we're moving into something quite different. She's been able to make change for a long time now. She even knows how to look for bargains and get the best for her and our money. Next up is going to the bank and opening up a bank account for her. This will just be a savings account. Since she is only 10 years old, she only needs to have $5 to open the account. Instead of purchasing a toy atm, we're using the real thing! We're going to get her a bank card so that whenever she gets money or allowance, no matter how big or small the amount, she will be able to deposit her money in her own account via atm. She will also be keeping a register.

The one thing I very highly discourage are those little toys where you zip a credit card. I think that teaches them at a very young age to use credit in the future. That's just me though.

So, there you have it. We teach hands on real life skills. Have fun with your kids!

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Mrs. Stash said...

I think the bank account for your daughter is a great idea! It will (among other things) reinforce the concept of how long it takes to accumulate X amount of dollars (and how quickly it can spend haha)!