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Monday, January 18, 2010

We had so much fun today! We found out from a dear friend that the Ann Arbor Hands on Museum was having a $2 day! We were so excited - especially since we have never been there before. Everyone got ready and off we went! Below are only a very few pictures of the fun. There was SO much to do! We were there over 2 hours and still did not see/participate in everything!

Next we went to Whole Foods. We enjoyed some good pizza and salad for a late lunch, then on to very basic shopping needs. It was the perfect day in my mind!

Oh yes and last but not least, we headed off to a sweet young families home to purchase a tabletop easel for Jon. I've been eyeing these for a couple years but not able to spend more than a few dollars on one. Hence the reason why we had not had one yet. She had hers listed for only $5 on craigslist! Since we were coming down that way, we set up a time to pick it up. And wouldn't you know, they are a fellow homeschooling family! How neat is that? Anyway, back to the easel. It is tabletop which is great because we don't have room for a full stand up easel. It has a dry erase board on one side and a chalk board on the other. It also has a couple clips to clip on paper for painting/drawing and holders for paint. This is just PERFECT for us!

So yeah, perfect day for sure! Enjoy the pictures!

Jon on the climbing wall.

Lyshie on the climbing wall.

Lyshie and Jon playing with gears.

Lyshie playing a light optics harp - no strings!

Lyshie checking out the plasma ball.

Lyshie in an ambulance.

Lyshie and Jon building together.

Jon and Bob the Builder!

Jon using a wheel borrow.

Jon with Scoop.

Lyshie loving on Joshua

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