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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What a lovely find!

A neighbor of ours was having a garage sale and come to find out she had been a teacher. She had a lot of wonderful and amazing books. One that i have fallen in love with is by Herman and Nina Schneider - both now deceased. If you know me perosnally you will know that science is not my strong point. However, this couple found a way of helping even someone like me more easily grasp concepts. You're never too old to learn:)

Anyway I highly encourage you, if you are a teacher or homeschool parent to purchase Let's Find Out about Heat, Weather and Air by Herman and Nina Schneider as well as their other books. Nina was very poetic while Herman was very grounded in science. Together they wrote many amazing books for children.

I know I can't wait to have the extra funds to pick up more of their books. I'm sure I won't get them for .25 like I did at the garage sale though. lol!

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