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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Repainting the dresser - Part I and II



Part I
Garage sale went well but we only sold Lyshie's bed. So...instead of selling her dresser and buying a new one, we're going to repaint. Above is the pix how it currently looks. I hope to soon have an updated picture. I started priming today but my spray can ran out. Arg!!!! I'm also not putting her desk back up in her room because her room is so small. I'm repainting that a nice eggshell or semigloss black and it will go in our den. It well be used as the kids desk for their computer, and Lyshie's school books. Yeah!

Part II
So it's completed. there's one hole I forgot to fill and I didn't quite get the hang of the spray on lacquer - but - i'm still pleased with it. It looks oodles better than before. Woo hoo! Lyshie loves her "new" dresser.


Maria said...

I hope that the creative juices flow nicely. Be blessed in accomplishing this project.

Love ya.

Amanda Kaake said...

Thanks! I'm having tons of fun.