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Friday, June 13, 2008

Don't let these moments pass you by....

Today was the first day of our garage sale and as you can imagine we have been so busy for the past week. Last night especially. We were working away and getting ready to walk in the house when I spotted this beauty on our boxwood bush. I was thrilled and went to get my daughter as well as my camera. Matt, Lyshie and I stood watching this beautiful creature for a few minutes.

How many times are we in such a rush that we miss God's beauty all around us. Take the time to "smell the flowers".


Elizzyfish said...

That's a great picture. The butterfly is beautiful but I also like the leaves of the bush. I don't think I have consciously seen one before.

Maria said...

I understand what you mean about nearly missing things. My children are great at humbling me in this realm. They seem to see a LOT that I don't.