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Friday, May 16, 2008

What does one do with a telemarketer?

What do you do when you get a call where someone invariably pronounces your name wrong? You know who it is - it's a telemarketer. I do understand it is their job and in the past tried to be as sympathetic as possible. I was very kind, talked to them for awhile and finally made them hang up. Well, now homeschooling and having less time in the day for non-sense (for that anyway) I have now resorted to a different tactic. No I do not yell and scream, no I do not hang up on them. What fun would there be in all that? Instead, I hand the phone over to my 2 year old son and say "want to talk on the phone?". He LOVES the phone as I'm sure all little one's do. Just 5 minutes ago someone called to talk to me about some special service they were offering me as a cardholder. Well, they thought it was special, I did not. As soon as she started her ramble I handed my little Jon the phone. He was also currently watching a Baby Einstein video. He proceeded to tell her about the squirrel that he thought was a dog. Here's how it came out.

"goggy (for doggy), see goggy? goggy and berry. berry, goggy." and so on.

She was loud enough I could hear her over where I was and this of course encouraged Jon to talk louder....

"goggy and berry, berry, goggy".

LOL! So yeah, that is pure entertainment there and it's free and has no harmful effects on the environment. I encourage you to try it sometime if you have little ones around. If you don't have little ones of your own or grandkids, offer to babysit for someone sometime. It's such an enjoyable experience.


Elizzyfish said...

Hi Mandi,

That is really funny about Jon and the telemarketer. How cute that must have been!

I always take a minute to listen to the thing, mostly because I understand how it feels when people hang up on you or yell at you or interrupt you. But then I say that I don't make decisions without my husband and they can call any evening after 8pm (most of them can't call after 5pm). If that does not work, I just say, "well, thanks for the offer but I will have to pass. I do know how it is so good luck on selling _____! Have a blessed day." They always hang up there and sometimes they recognize that I understand how hard it is to sell on the phone and they thank me for the encouragement (they often need it).

When my mom gets them on the phone and they won't stop talking, she begins to read verses on Salvation out of the Bible. That gets most of them to hang up pretty quickly.

Elizzyfish said...

Just to note on my last comment:
When I inserted a blank ______ that was not to be profane, it is merely a fill-in-the-blank-with-whatever space.