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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lyshie's Birthday Celebration

Since she's growing into a young lady I thought I'd take my Lyshie to the spa to get her nails and hair done. While there we enjoyed a nice lunch at the spa's cafe. It was such a fun time. Lysha's hairdresser was Amber which we both thought was totally cool! Here's the web address for the Somerset Spa and Salon. It's absolutely divine!

After that we ended up going to the Flint Institute of Art. We just love going there. We ended the day with taking her to the Famous Dave's Restaurant which she had a coupon to get a free meal. She's one excited kiddo. Last night we ended up seeing a performance at the Flint Institute of Music. We have had so much fun! It just amazes me how fast they grow up. Monday is her actual birthday so I intend to write her a long letter and we're going to have her cake then. Her Grandma Sandi also sent her a gift in the mail which she does not know is hers and will also open that then. How blessed we are to have these wonderful kids.


Joy said...

Holy cow, she is getting so big! What a fun idea,going to a spa. I can't wait to do fun girl things with Allison. :)

Maria said...

How beautiful you both look. I am so happy for you.