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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stocking up for Winter Sickness

I had a thought this morning as I was waking up.  Winter will soon be upon us and that means more exposure to ickies.  We definitely limit our exposure but that doesn't mean our kids never get anything.  I don't know about you but it always seems like when someone gets sick, it really takes a toll on the budget.  From getting the natural remedies to purchasing things like applesauce and things to make gets pricey. thought led me to, how about purchasing the items I know we'll need a little at a time and stockpiling them so we'll be ready?

Below is a list of things my family uses for times such as colds food poisoning (there's no such thing as the stomach flu), weird rashes, etc...  Even if I pick up one thing at a time when I purchase a vitacost order or pick up one thing when I go to the store, it will be very helpful.  Hopefully I'll get a bit more time later and be able to posts links on how to make some things I have mentioned below and why they are so beneficial.  For now, here's the list :)

Winter List:
Organic Basil - I get this in bulk.  If you get a cold or the flu, you drink this tea several times per day while bundling up in a warm blanket.  It should cause you to sweat and get rid of the virus within 24 hours.  I got this information from K.P. Khalsa

Organic Thyme - This is great made into tea drank up to 3 times per day for chest congestion.

Elderberry - You can purchase syrup or tincture; or make it yourself!  I just made some Elderberry Tincture today!  Look up videos on youtube.  It's super easy!

Immune Support - Whether it be echinacea, astragalus or others, we have some kind of immune support on hand.

Activated Charcoal - We use this for times we have the runs associated with the flu or food poisoning (there is no such thing as the stomach flu).  The last time I got food poisoning, this worked within 1/2 hour!  It was amazing!

Raw Honey - You can use this by itself for coughs or in teas for soothing the throat.  Honey has many amazing properties that are healing and beneficial to the body.

Cayenne Pepper - For those yucky throat issues.  Thanks for the info Vicki Hughes!  I'm actually growing some in my garden this year and will be making my own cayenne pepper powder.

Vitamin C - I'm going to use this in even higher doses this year at time of sickness.

Vitamin D3 - Thanks for the reminder on the Health Nuts forum.  We try to take this throughout the winter due to the lack of sunshine.

Multi-vitamins - I need to have a good supply of these for everyone.  My favorite is Nature's Sunshine Prenatal (for all women of child bearing years), Matt's is Nature's Sunshine Super Supplemental (he doesn't like any other).  For the kids I rotate between Nature's Sunshine kids and Country Life kids.

Pedialyte or stuff to make the recipe - It's so important to use something to keep your children hydrated.  I've seen too many people have to run off to the hospital for their children to get an iv.  This is usually very unnecessary.  If your child has a fever or can tell they are getting sick, give them electrolyte drinks even if they are eating/drinking.  This most times will even help their fever go down on it's own by helping the body stay more hydrated.  Fever isn't a bad thing unless it gets really high.

Berries - I'm currently freezing berries to be able to use in smoothies later on.  Not only are they full of antioxidants and easy for the body to use, fresh fruit smoothies seem to be the preferred food when someone in my home is sick.

Teas - I like to have a selection of good herbal teas on hand. Peppermint for tummy issues, chamomile or Sleepy Time for having a hard time sleeping and other herbal teas for the taste and warmth.

Basmati Rice - This is great for upset tummies and diarrhea.  It's a great first food when sick.

Bone Broth - is very healing and can be frozen.  This can be used to sip on it's own or used above in the rice.  Make sure to use good sea salt to keep someone hydrated.  We use pink himalayan sea salt.  Salt food to taste - don't be afraid of it!

Ear Oil - I get this for earaches and possible ear infection.  I'm going to try to remember to get the kind that doesn't need to be refrigerated.

Saline Solution and/or Silver Shield - We use this up our noses in the event that a sinus infection is starting to present itself.

Nosefrida - I need to locate this and make sure I have plenty of fresh filters.

Thermometer - I need to locate this and make sure it's working well.  Possibly even getting a second one.

Kleenex - While I generally like reusing things and having cloth hankies, for sickness, I want paper to throw away!  I don't want those germs hanging around and reinfecting everyone.

Disinfectant Cleaner - My two favorites are Meleleuca Sol-U-Guard or Seventh Generation Disinfecting cleaners.

Homemade Disinfecting Spray - I make this out of water and essential oils and spray around when someone is ill.

I do use lemons a lot to put in beverages when we're fighting off something or ill. I also make homemade chicken soup. However, I purchase these things more fresh at the time.  I know the lemons would not keep till then and I don't have much freezer space to keep chicken.


Sarah K. said...

Can I hire you to come over to my house and make me teas and smoothies when I'm sick! :D

Amanda Kaake said...

If you lived a tad bit closer I'd do it even when you weren't sick :) Miss you!

Anonymous said...

How do you store the organic leaves? Do you freeze them? Dry them?

Also, for the hankies, you can put them in a diaper bucket (with lid) with a few drops of tea tree oil. That should (apparently) kill germs and allow you to stock up on them for the wash.
I did that with my cloth diapers and do that with my cleaning cloths.

Good list! Even Chris likes the Elderberry that I buy now. Though, I am afraid of the berries themselves, I keep thinking I will kill us by not boiling them enough. How do you know when they're no longer toxic?

Amanda Kaake said...

Beth - if you look up online, you'll see lots of recipes that use them.

As for the leaves...I purchase them already dried or dry them myself. Then I store them in glass jars and put them in a dark/dry place.