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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sex Education For Girls From a Christian Perspective

I'm making out my daughters scholastic plan for the next 6 years.  Crazy...maybe!  Anyway, this coming year she will be entering 7th grade - 7th grade!  I was trying to remember what I took in school during 7th grade.  One of those classes was health/sex ed.  I remember what sex-ed class was like While my parents taught me abstinence, the school was teaching something else as well as exposing us to many contraceptives as well as a lifestyle contradictive to what my parents were trying to teach at home.  I heard this from the class and students much more because that's the environment I was in.

My goal here is to still be vigilant on teaching my children health education/sex education from a biblical perspective.  Coming into puberty is something that we are going to celebrate in this family.  It means that our son/daughter is making the shift into adulthood.  We want our children to be prepared for what's coming.  For instance, after reading through From Girl....To Woman, I put together a little kit for my daughter.  I had called several different companies and asked them to donate a sample of their feminine hygiene products.  I made up a pretty basket of all these items among a few other things.  This way, when this time comes for her, she'll not only have what she needs, but she'll also be able to choose which product she likes best.  We'll also do "women's day" like suggested in a Cosby movie we saw not too long ago - a celebration!  I'm also going to put together an herbal formula for my daughters and sons.  Many countries do this the first day of puberty for the boys and the girls and they take this remedy throughout their entire life.  Coincidentally, they do not have the hormonal/sexual issues that so many of the women and men in the U.S. today have.

Each one of the below books need to be used when your child is ready.  Some of these are not appropriate till later or even possibly when they get engaged.  I'll blog next about sex ed. for boys after I talk with my hubby about appropriate books for boys.  After all, he was a boy once. :)

From Woman - we've already read this and it's fabulous!  

Beautiful Girlhood with the companion guide.

Every Young Woman's Battle

The Art Natural Family Planning - this is for an older high school girl.

If you have any suggestions of books that would be great to add into this, please feel free to let me know in the comments section.


Skaake said...

I like the idea of a celebration. I've heard of this before.
For more suggestions, I don't know how you feel about earrings, but when I got my period, my parents got my ears pierced. It was kind of an initiation into womanhood for me– and a good memory :)

Mrs. Stash said...

I haven't read these books; thanks for the recommendations!!! I know as my girls get older I am going to need these resources.

They understand lots of things; some things have always been openly discussed such as the differences in my body vs. hers and how someday she will experience these types of changes. Also, I am not sure what all they remember from my pregnancy with their brother but there was lots of good talk back then, too.

For older girls (and actually, for all women) I totally recommend "Taking Charge of Your Fertility". It is so informative and yet so easy to read. I haven't read the family planning book you posted here, though, so perhaps it might be a better choice from the Christian perspective (TTOYF was very much for the 'modern woman' from what I remember...)

CheshireLizzy said...

Also, I have considered this very issue and I wonder if leaving things alone might also be a good alternative to the sex-education encouraged in schools. In Singapore and many Southeast Asian countries, there is no sex education at all (or there wasn't historically). Children are expected to put academics first in all things (Christians put this second) and relationships were discouraged because teens were seen as "too young" for such things. The best education does come after marriage, I dare say.

I am curious what you think of the Asian model and what you might thing the limitations or weaknesses are. I haven't decided what to do yet, though. Perhaps I will combine things.

Amanda Kaake said...

We don't live in a country where education is first. It seems like drugs, alcohol and sex are among teens. So...because of that I feel it's important to give them the real story instead of having them hear it from someone else. When I talk about sex/ed and health, I'm also talking about puberty which directly ties in to sex. I think the Asian model is horrible because of how they view girls and how they put everything into education.

Anonymous said...

I think my oldest girl is a little younger than yours, but I've been looking and searching for good books on this topic.

I recently got The Princess and the Kiss to read to my girls. (God's gift of purity)(there is one for boys as well.. 'The Squire and the Scroll' (a tale of the rewards of a pure heart))

I'm going to look up the books you mentioned on amazon!


They are beautifully written. The illustrations are beautiful.

Amanda Kaake said...

Thank you for bringing this to mind. I'll have to add those books. I just finished The Princess and the Kiss study guide with my daughter. In fact, yesterday, the Prayer Box necklace came in the mail and I was able to present her with. you're right, it's a lovely book!

Anonymous said...

The Miracle of Change by Ami Loper is excellent. It's beautiful and more thorough than the one by Sandi Queen. I highly recommend it! Great post!

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