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Friday, August 6, 2010

The Healing Wonders of Plantain and Nasty Mosquito Bites!


Jon using a mortar and pestal crushing up the freshly washed leaves.

Wrapped up.

Most of you have seen plantain before and thought it was just another weed. What a weed indeed! One Native American name for plantain translates to "life medicine". Plantain has so many healing properties. It is an astringent herb that has diuretic, expectorant and anti-mucus properties, as well as mild anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It is healing, controls bleeding and fights bacterial infections. You can use all parts of the plant but I only use the leaves.

How can this plant be used? You can use it in dried or fresh form. You can make a tea from it, a salve, or as a poultice like we did above. Look for information on my blog on Green Salve. We use plantain in this amazing healing salve.

So on to what we did above. Jon had a nasty, nasty mosquito bite that was getting hard and hot and starting to weep. We washed off the weepy part with very warm water and applied the plantain. It's important to really work up the plant. The best way to do it is to chew on the freshly washed leaves for a bit to get the enzymes going. Please it on the area needing healed and wrap up. It's that simple. We used a piece of an old towel and tied it up. This can be done for bee stings, other bug bites and other skin issues. You can do this several times per day. A few years ago Jon has a staph infection and we did this hourly for awhile. We also gave him some silver shield for the infection and he healed beautifully. IT was amazing the change in his leg after 1 day of doing this.

So there you have it. Something you probably have in your own back yard. I would caution using leaves in sprayed yards or on city areas where they mow as they are probably sprayed. You can also purchase this dried at The Bulk Herb Store or other online sites. Visit the below site for more info.


Life on The Franco Farm said...

I love this! I too have discovered the vast amount of plantain in my backyard and its wondrous effect on bug bites. Thanks for sharing... Darlene

Anonymous said...

Works on poison oak also. I read somewhere that Our God put Plantain within 9 feet of any of the poison plants.
Also works on poison Caterpillar bites