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Saturday, August 14, 2010

My favorite baby items

I have so many friends and family members pregnant. With that in mind it got me thinking about my favorite baby products, items


This crazy little snot sucker is amazing and has kept my boys from getting more sick because of mucus build up. Once it's stuck in the nose area it breeds more bacteria leaving little ones sick longer. I was referred to this by my friend Jamie Veprek. I'll admit, at first I was grossed out by the idea but knew i needed something that cleared out the little noses better than anything I've used before. These are amazing! When congestion was bad I'd put my baby in his bassinet in the bathroom with me. I'd take a nice hot shower to steam it up well, thus helping loosen the stuff in his nose. After I got out I'd suck like crazy and clear out his nose followed by a saline solution if it was really bad. It worked wonders! I also did this with my son Jon. As soon as we got the nasty green stuff out, he was feeling better within a day. I recommend this to everyone! You can get them on Remember to get the extra filters when you purchase this.

Hylands Teething Tablets

I used these for my daughter when she was a baby and I was not yet into natural things. It just said there were no side effects and that I liked. Here are some things to note with homeopathic remedies. Try to give no food 20 minutes before and after taking the remedy, do not touch with your fingers, take at regular intervals till the symptoms are gone then stop taking. If these things are not followed, you will not have near the wonderful results you could have.

My Brest Friend Deluxe Pillow

I had a Boppy pillow with my Jon but desperately wanted this with my next child. Thankfully I was able to get one for when my Joshua was born. These do not slip like the boppy's do. I think they also help support the back much better meaning less back aches. Thanks so much to my friend Maria Porter for recommending this many years ago.

Lansinoh Cream

Hands down the best boopy cream out there:) Cracked, sore and bleeding nipples really benefit from this. A little bit goes a long way.

Medela Pump in Style breast pump

Thanks to my friend Tonya Prim for giving me her no longer needed pump. This is truly the best pump out there. It's easy to use and has several settings. Very comfortable for the pumping mom.  For me, it was much more effective than the single hand pumps.

Reusable Nursing Pads - made from cotton t-shirts that are 100% cotton.

When a woman does not have heavy leaking, these are hands down wonderful! I just cut up 100% cotton t's and sewed together 5-6 layers. They are so comfy and work well.

Arms Reach Co-Sleeper

Hands down the best baby bed/pack n play type thing out there. My husband did not want our son in our bed this last time around. So, this was the best of both worlds for us. It was right next to me so I could pick up my son, have him nurse and put him right back down in his bed which was oober close to mine. It also converts to a play pen. These are def. worth the money. We were able to get ours used off of Craigslist. We still use it!

Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer

The best and most accurate thermometer we've found. We like this because not only does it take the temp very fast, but it won't let you go too far in causing harm to baby.

Baby Bliss Gripe Water

This is the best gas solution out there! I tried many before this one. This works within 15 minutes and lasts. Make sure to store this in the fridge after you're done giving some to baby. I've found it at Meijer, Target and online.

Weleda Diaper Care Cream

Not much to say other than this is one of the most non-toxic baby creams and works well. I only needed cream with my Jon.

Wash Pod by Prince Lionheart

I'm so in love with this baby bathtub as is my son. It uses a very smart amount of water (eco friendly), makes baby feel comfortable and not scared and is just all around fun. Plus, it's super easy to empty out, clean and store away.

Lil' Peeper Keepers Baby Slings/Wraps

I love this lady's wraps. They are amazing! I get knit for little babies and the gauze for a bigger baby. Here's her link.

Smart Gear Peek-a-boo Ball

Last but not least is this super cute toy. I'm not a huge toy person but I love this! I purchased mine from Franklin Goose. It is smaller than what you might think. It's very easy for baby to hold. You should see our little guy watch these little heads pop in and out while he holds it and rolls it around.

Baby Medicine Spoons
These little spoons have come in so handy for us!  I wish I knew about these with my first child.  You know how it is, whether you're giving anti-biotics, herbal remedies, etc... it can be very hard trying to get your child to take the medicine and not spill it everywhere.  This has taken the spill out of the equation.  Very handy and reusable.  Just pop it in the dishwasher when you're done using it.

I'm sure I've probably missed something but here's some of our favorites so far. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Where do you purchase the teething tablets?

Amanda Kaake said...

You can find them at WalMart, Meijer, and Target usually. If not (they are out), you can find them at any health food store.