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Thursday, October 20, 2011

When Days Start Out Wrong

Today was one of those days.  We woke up late which wasn't bad in itself.  It seemed like a great beginning.  Then it all started.

Jon started complaining about one thing after another.  That alone can drive me through the roof.

Joshua feeds off of Jon and since Jon was upset and whining about everything, Josh was walking around like his dog had just died.  It was a very pitiful looking "woe is me" look and whine.

Lyshie got frustrated because of the boys and let them know it.

Figuring we'd move through it despite their and my frustrations, lunch time came and went.

Joshua was upset at only who knows what.  He thought he wanted what each of us were having to eat (leftovers for everyone), but when he got it, he whined some more.

All this moved on to everyone having bad attitudes, openly being defiant and being mean to each other.  Yelling, hitting, griping, scowling, picking, bumping, grumping, sneering, and jeering.  Something had to be done.  I had two options.

1. Yell at them so they could hear me over all the noise.  For anyone who has ever done that, you find it causes more problems than it solves.


2. Pray and talk calmly with my children and get to the issue at hand.

Today I chose #2.  Right now, a couple hours later we're having a great movie time together at the Kaake household.  Cuddling and smiling.

I don't always choose #2.  Sometimes I choose to be as bad as the kids and we get nowhere but bad.  But I chose #2 and we're so much better off for it.  I encourage you to choose #2 as often as you can.  Pray about it, the Lord will lead you and your emotions will take over less and less.

A great highlight for the day is when I calmed down Josh and Lyshie, then called Jon over to myself.  We talked a bit about when he treats us that way, it's also like he's treating God the same way.  When he realized how he hurt us and God, he was very repentant.  He cried tears of repentance and asked if he could pray to God and ask for forgiveness.  After He was finished, he went and apologized to everyone else he had wronged.  I'm so proud of him and so proud at the reaction of my other children.  Lyshie hugged him and told him she loved him so much and wanted him to be nice now.  Joshua hugged him, grabbed Jon's leg and said "come on honey".  lol!  He hears me call them honey a lot so he's taken to calling everyone honey.  So funny!

So's almost 2:00pm and our house is much more joyful.  Praising God for wonderful days!


Sarah K. said...

That's wonderful! It is amazing how emotions can feed off of each other. It definitely takes some stepping back and purposefully choosing to react differently. Way to go! You're example will resonate with your kids.

Anonymous said...

I frequently do number three: Calmly tell the kids to stop it on pain of spanking (whilst really being angry/hating them in my heart) and then mentally retreat (to cleaning or cooking) failing to correct, talk, and especially pray with them about the matter.
Number two is definitely the way to go. I love how it even leads to good times together -- something I find hard to make time for these days.