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Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Woman After God's Own Heart

I use to get some school books from time to time.  If you're not familiar with them, check them out.  It's a great way to get rid of unwanted books and score some books you really do want.  Anyway, I was going through ordering some books from a particular member when I saw they had, A Woman After God's Own Heart listed.  I put that into my shopping cart as well.  I received a note from this person saying that the book was actually the workbook; and did I still want it.  At first I was going to say no; then something changed my  mind.  I decided to get the book after all.  What a blessing this book has been in my life.  I'm only on week two and it's been amazing!  Here's the summary for today.

"Godly people can make ungodly decisions if they don't seek God through prayer.  The Bible includes many examples of people who made poor decisions because of selfishness, anger or desire.  Our heart is deceitful, so we must spend time with God in prayer and ask Him to reveal His will and way to us.  We can have confidence in our decisions when we make prayer an important part of daily life."

My daughter and I were able to sit down with each other and recall times we made our own plans and tried to fit God into them vs. letting God lead us with our lives.  The times that we and others around us made our own plans, it ended in disaster, heart ache and more.  The times we let God lead, while sometimes in the midst of it all it was hard, the outcome was amazing!  More than we could have ever hoped for.

I would challenge you today to start letting God lead your life instead of you calling the shots and asking God to bless them.  I would also encourage you to get into the habit of daily reading the word and praying to God.  What a difference it can make.

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