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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Chocolate Testing

Matt and I had such a fun time with our own at home chocolate tasting. I encourage you to try this sometime. It's amazing how trying the chocolates next to each other changes things . Some tips I found online were:

1. Have a glass of water or plain green tea to clean your palate in between each taste.
2. Start with milk chocolate and move to dark chocolate.
3. Snap the chocolate first. Good chocolate should have a good snap (according to "them").
4. Move each bit of chocolate around your mouth hitting all your taste buds.

Our findings:
1. Symphony
Not very snappy
Quite sweet
Not very ‘chocolaty’

2. Dollar tree million dollar bar
Clean snap
Not chocolaty… almost fruity

3. Dove
Slightly softer than previous 2
Very smooth rich creamy flavor
More chocolate flavor than previous 2

4. Ghirardelli 83% cocoa
Very snappy
Not at all creamy
Very bitter
Slightly fruity at end of bite
(spit out by matt)

5. Lindt Dark 70% cacao
Clean snap
Deeper chocolate smell than #4
Not creamy (but more so than #4)
Not as bitter as #4
Fruity aftertaste

Mandi's Favorites From Most Favorite to Least:
Dollar Tree

Matt's Most Favorite to Least:
Dollar Tree

Something I just need to throw out there since it is Valentine's Day. I want to thank my mom for making every Valentine's Day special for us. She also made sure we had an extra special meal with hearts of some kind in it. And, of course chocolate too:) That is one of the many fond memories I have of growing up. Thanks mom for making all those years so special! I only hope I can make it at least half as special for my family.

1 comment:

Sandi said...

YUMM!!!! Why in the world didn't you invite ME for a chocolate tasting??????? hee hee
I LOVE dove and peanut butter lindt!!!! SOOOO GOOD!!!
Loved making special valentine meals and moments with my family too!