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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our Medicine Cabinet

If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little, and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.
by the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates

Come on in and take a peek into our medicine cabinet. We used to have cough medicines of all kinds, pain relievers galore, pms pills, throat sprays and more. What we have come to find out is they don’t actually work (most of the time that is). Here is a list of wonderful remedies and cures we keep on hand at all times if possible.

Hylands Sniffles and Sneezes homeopathic remedy - we use this for kids and adults alike.

White Oak Bark from Nature’s Sunshine to slow down the bowels.
Priobiotic Eleven from Nature’s Sunshine to repopulate the gut with good bacteria.

Ear Infections:
Ear candles made by my dear friend which can be found for sale here.
Garlic/Mullein oil which we apply to the ear after we use the candles.

Female Issues:
Emerita’s Progesterone Cream - menopause formula for keeping cysts from forming and keeping pregnancy when hormone levels are low.

Red Raspberry capsules by Nature’s Sunshine One taken a daily helps with periods as well as having a healthy pregnancy and labor.

General Infections:
Silver Shield by Nature’s Sunshine has been an answer to prayer. This is truly an anti-biotic alternative now being used in several hospitals. This also works well for yeast infections.

Immune support - which is useful for all problems listed on this page.
Sweet Echinacea Tincture by Herbs for Kids - used for infants and children.

Trigger Immune by Nature’s Sunshine

Astragalus - This actually regulates the immune system. If it's over working it will slow it down, if it's not working well it will speed it up. I would recommend everyone have this around for when the Bird Flu comes to their area.

Throat infections:
Myrrh tincture which we gargle with then swallow. Very nasty tasting but works great.

Raw Honey has amazing healing properties. Simply take a spoon of this 3 times or so per day.

Brag Apple Cider Vinegar - I take this in 8oz warm water with 2T. honey and 2T. ACV. Some people need to start with that same amount of water and 1T. each of honey and acv till they work their way up.

Toxin Flush
Chlorophyl by Nature’s Sunshine is a lovely product I never again want to be without.

Yeast Infections in Women:
Priobiotic Eleven by Nature’s Sunshine

Silver Shield by Nature's Sunshine

Yeast Infection in Children and Babies:
L Reuteri by Nature’s Sunshine for good bacteria. This is chewable.

VS-C - by Nature’s Sunshine. I’ll be honest, I don’t know all the properties of this herbal tincture. I do know that a horrible yeast infection my son had didn’t start clearing up till we used this.

Lavender essential oil by Aura Cacia - 4-5 drops in bath water.

Cornstarch based baby powder, put on diaper area to keep dry.

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