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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My First Green Smoothie!

I had my first green smoothie today with my son and it was quite palatable. You can find more information out about my green smoothie at this link. It's so hard to get the amount of greens we should be having. This is the easy and painless way to do it in my opinion. I hope to do this every day for 14 days at least and see if I have any results.


Maria said...

I LOVE green smoothies. I have to say I cheat though and buy them. I haven't done them myself yet but now that we're making headway in our finances Ted has told me to spend more money in the produce department. That should really move things along health wise. I LOVE that he's so supportive of healthy eating. It's a blessing to say the least. Love you guys.

Amanda Kaake said...

I think it's prob. cheaper to make them so that should help too;) That's so nice you can buy more produce. One can never have enough. Since doing these green smoothies just two days (today is 3), I don't want nearly as much cooked food and def. not junk. Matt wanted stouffers mac and cheese and I could just not do it. I made myself falafel instead with a nice salad. It's amazing what lemon juice and olive oil does to a salad. I don't even want dressings anymore.