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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Goodwill shopping!

The kids and I picked up Matthew from a friends home after the retreat. We went to a nice dinner at Ruby Tuesday then went to Meijer to find something I had been watching to go on sale even further. It had the last time I was there but I didn't get it. Well, it was gone and I was really bummed. Matt told me that it's ok and that something better would come along.

Fast forward 20 minutes later. I decided to go to Goodwill to see if I could find any linens, wool sweaters to recycle or anything else fun. Not quite 2 weeks ago I found the most beautiful picture with an old, antique frame. It was only 24.99 but I still didn't want to spend that on it. I had gotten my items to purchase and while in line looked across the other side of the room and there it was! I had looked earlier but it wasn't in the same place it was before. Since I knew I couldn't reach it and it was closing time, I asked the cashier if someone could see if it had a purple tag since purple tags were 1/2 off. The 30 seconds it took them to get it down seemed like minutes. Then I heard these beautiful words "it has a purple tag". Needless to say I was incredibly excited. So for a total of just over $23.00 I got the following:

The gorgeous picture
2 Pottery Barn shams - gorgeous dark colored floral - vintage looking
1 full sized sheet(like new) to complete my set for making my daughter a futon cover
1 gorgeous hair scarf - black background with floral design
2 dvd's for Matt
1 vhs for Matt

Needless to say I'm so excited! Now I'm off to get the camera and take a picture of my newly boughten picture so you can see it for yourself.

On the left side is a floral and striped print in reds. Those are the shams. Up on the top center/right is the sheet for Lyshie's futon cover I'll be making. The other sheet we have here to use for the cover is plain lavender.

Sorry about the flash - I still haven't cleaned it either. Isn't it gorgeous!


GL&O said...

I popped by your site to get the url to add it to mine.. and I saw this post! yay! I'm glad you had a good night. Where is the Goodwill you go to? Where is the Salv. Army? I just passed one the other day, but I don't remember where it was.

I love thrift stores.

Amanda Kaake said...

This stuff I got at the Goodwill on Center Road right by our house. There's also a Salvation Army on Lapeer not far from here. However I think the best places to go are Salavation Army on Dort Hwy and the Salvation Army in Corunna. I'm getting ready to upload pix here in a couple minutes. Woo hoo!

GL&O said...

Newsboys!? I totally had those two CDs at one point in my life. I listen to 87.9 and sometimes hear old Newsboys some which remind me of Jr. high in youth group - riding in the church vans to camp/retreats.. etc.

Sweet finds!

Amanda Kaake said...

Oh yeah:) We actually have all their albums ripped onto the computer but not too long before we got married someone stole Matt's cd's out of his car - prob. hundreds. Thankfully he had them on itunes but he still likes to have actual copies. He found these so we got them. My latest love is Plumb's new album, Blink.