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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Jon's Leg

The lovely plantain plant.

While camping I was sitting Jon up high on a ledge and noticed his leg did not look so well. The first picture below does not show it up very well at all. It was very red all over the swollen area, the sores were open and weeping, it was hot to the touch and very inflamed around the actual mosquito bites with dark circles around it. I showed it to the nurse at camp and she said to keep a very good eye on it because they had just had a kid with a similar looking leg go to the dr. and found out it was staph infection.

Wasting no time we headed out to the local health food store. I was looking for clay or dried plantain to make into a paste and put onto the leg to draw out the infection. The clay they had was very expensive and in a large quantity and they did not carry plantain. Thankfully the woman there told me that plantain grows everywhere in the area and that she'd take me out to see if we could find any so I'd know what to look for. Wouldn't you know we found some!

I was instructed by her as well as my herbalists to take a couple leaves, chew them up a bit to get it 'working" and place it on my sons wounds. After several hours I needed to take it off and re bandage.

We headed back to the camp where I found some more of this lovely plant, washed it, chewed it up and placed it on some gauze, then his wound. I am amazed at the results. I also gave him Silver Shield (nature's sunshine) and his multi-vitamin. Within a day this was already looking much better.

It amazes me how God put these amazing plants here for us to use. They are right under our nose and most of the time we don't even realize it.

Here's the first pix of Jon's leg. The lighting wasn't well but that whole side of his leg was red and swollen.

This was taken 2 days later! Because he moves so much I wasn't able to get the exact angle. You can see some slight redness where the bites are. The main thing to see here is that is his leg is not swollen anymore.

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Elizzyfish said...

Wow, that is quite impressive. I am glad that you were able to find a natural remedy - for free!

It sounds like you had an okay holiday, in spite of Jon having this ailment.

Squish and kiss the kids for me!