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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Baby Sewing Links - Diapers, bibs, etc...

Here are the ones I've found lately that I like the most. They are easy for someone like me;) I have tried Rita's Rump, and the Sweater Pants and love them both. I also added a bib pattern. It works much better than other store bought bibs because it covers more. We even take extra long tea towels and just tie a loose knot around the back of their neck. It works great. Enjoy the links!

Sweater pants/longies and soakers:

sewing all kinds of dipes:

fleece soaker pattern:

here is a bib pattern -

Rita's Rump pocket pattern -

Here's a youtube that I used to figure out how to sew the Rita's Rump Diaper.

Wipes - I've done these two different ways. One way is to use flannel where the edges have been cut with pinking shears. I put two layers together, right sides facing out and just top stitch closely to the edges of the fabric. The other way I've made them is getting microfiber towels and flannel. I'd put wrong sides together - 1 of flannel and 1 of the microfiber towel. I'd sew them and turn inside out (so right sides are showing), then topstitch around the edges for a finished look. I like making smaller wipes about 4x4 and then long ones that look like diaper inserts for bigger messes.

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