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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Baby Kaake week 21 - Gender Update;)

Yesterday at 3:45 was the time of my ultrasound appointment. I was going crazy just waiting for it. The time finally came and Allysha and I headed off to the office. It was there we found out little baby Kaake is 13 oz, very healthy with more movement than they've seen in awhile (just like Jon) and guess what, It's a boy!!!! We are so super excited. Now we can call our dear sweet baby by it's name. It's so cute to hear Jon say "baby bruder Joshua". Lyshie wanted a girl pretty bad like her father and I, but her father and I got over it quick. It's just something about seeing a healthy baby. I LOVE it! Lyshie is doing better and realizing this is what God has for us. I just can't tell you how happy I am with the news. We went to Salvation Army today to try to find a few summer outfits for this little guy in size 0-3 months since Jon was born in the winter and Joshua should be here sometime in August. The ultrasound pictures are a little fuzzy, but I hope you can see them well enough. One is of the head, belly and legs coming up around the belly making the belly look huge. lol. The next picture is of his "manhood". You can see where it is because there is a little star there beside it. Lyshie took the picture of me getting ready to walk out the door to the appointment. Welcome to the family, little Joshua David:)

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