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Saturday, March 26, 2011

My New Exercise - Rebounding/Lymphasizing!

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Anyone with fatigue problems are told to make sure to get in some good but low impact exercise.  While we know this to be true, sometimes with fatigue issues you can make your fatigue problem much worse by exercising.  While studying up on the lymphatic system and what it does for the body, I decided I would start to try lymphasizing (rebounding).  I have not done regular exercise in about 2 years since my health took a not so fun turn.  That said, before then I LOVED to do Tae Boe.  While not totally consistent, I loved the workout.  However, at this point in my life, that's not an option.  Here I will share with you some information on rebounding as well as what I personally do.

Changes I've already seen in the past couple weeks:
1. More endurance during the day.
2. More stamina during my workout.

The below video is what I used in the beginning and now model my workout after.  I couldn't understand him but I did very closely watch how he was having everyone workout.  I am now still doing everything in the same order, I just lengthen out the running.   On that note, I have never been able to run or jog long at all (like a couple minutes) before I had to stop.  That's the way it's always been for me.  So far doing this I can do at least 10 minutes.  While for some people that's a very short time span, for me it's huge!  And I've seen these changes in the past 2 weeks!

Make sure to watch the second video as well.  I've also seen where if you don't have the energy to even bounce, you can sit on the trampoline and have someone bounce it up and down for you.  This still helps get the lymphatic system working better.

Another thing you can do is called Skin Brushing.  I have 1-2 times per week where it just doesn't work for me work out.  Before I get into the shower, I do Skin Brushing.  Below it's described really well.

Here is an article by NASA on the effects of rebounding.

Here is an article on how Chronic Fatigue sufferers benefit from rebounding.

Last but not least is an article that lists 33 reasons why this is helpful for the body.

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So in closing I'd also like to mention that this kind of exercise gives you more bang for your effort.  I am currently working out about 15-18 minutes per day.  While I forsee that hopefully going up to a max of 1/2 hour, this has been the best on my joints and muscles compared to any other form of exercise.  I have seen it said that anyone can do this type of exercise - old, young, overweight, children, etc... If you're looking for an easier and effective workout, I totally recommend this!  I  set it up in front of the tv and before I know it I'm finished. THis is very helpful for my children as well.

**Note, I do not yet endorse any particular trampoline**


Anonymous said...

Really interesting posts, Mandi, thank you.

Have you found a benefit for yourself in the skin brushing?
I have sometimes used a hairbrush to scratch my skin -- yes, I know it's different -- but I have created (probably irreversible) hyperpigmentation (dark spots) problems as a result. Do you know if there is such a risk with these brushes or are they texturally different from a regular hair brush?


Ministry of labor Toronto said...

Using a rebounder, or mini-trampoline, is one of the top ways to get your lymph system moving. Your lymph system doesn't have a pump like your circulatory system does. Instead, it requires gravitational pressure, internal massage to your lymph duct valves and muscular contraction from movement to drain. Rebounding provides all three, along with aerobic exercise. Some folks even call rebounding "lymph sizing," note "The Detox Strategy" authors Brenda Watson and Leonard Smith. Always consult a health care professional before starting a new exercise program.