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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Board Games and Homeschooling

We have found that if we can add fun into our homeschool, the kids learn much faster.  I was at Goodwill yesterday and found this game; Sunken Treasure Adventure.  Jon and I played it for the first time this morning and had a fabulous time!  The best thing is that he was learning while having fun!  Below is a list of games we have played that have been very helpful not only for schooling, but good, quality family time.  Some are for younger kids and some are for higher elementary/middle schoolers.

Sunken Treasure Adventure board game - phonetics
Candy Land - counting, colors
Go Fish by Playchest Games - memory
Wild Craft - my daughter loves this game! - plants and their healing benefits.
Battleship - strategy
Almighty Heroes Adventure - bible
Checkers - the jumbo version - strategy.
Yahtzee - strategy/chance

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Jamie said...

Thanks for the great recommendations!