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Monday, December 13, 2010

Joshie's Busy Book

I wanted to do one of these for Jon when he was little but never got to it.  Now, several years later I've finally started AND completed one of these little books.  I'd love to add more pages in the future, but for now I call this good.   Knowing Joshie, he'll love this!  I can't wait to see him get it on Christmas Day!

                                                       A Big Letter "J" for Joshua!
A black fuzzy buckle to play with; fringed felt to run his sweet baby fingers through and a red wagon; every little boys dream.
Cut out shapes with velcro for matching and a Kangaroo mama and with a baby roo that peeks in and out of her pouch.
                      A dolphin leaping out of the waves (that make noise) and a cow with a jingling bell.
Last but not least, a little zipper pocket.  Let's polish up on those fine motor skills while we zipper from side to side.


Sandi said...

GREAT JOB MANDI!! I am proud of you!!!!!!!!! Looks like you mastered that blanket stitch!!!

Amanda Kaake said...

Aw, thanks!!!! When you see it up close you'll see lots of mistakes. ROFL! Thanks a ton though for telling me what that stitch was called. I looked it up on youtube and watched someone using it. <3 you!

Beka said...

very nice!!!

Traci said...

This is so cool Mandi!!

Jamie said...

Oh my goodness, SO SO SO cute! I LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous and clever, Mandi!

The shapes you cut out are very good, too. I don't think I could ever get a dolphin that accurately.


Anonymous said...

I just love it! Great job!!!

-Jamie H

Amanda Kaake said...

Aw, thanks everyone!

Beth - I looked up coloring pictures on google images, printed them out and used them as patterns. I'm not that good. rofl!