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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Natural Wonders - A nature book for toddlers and early elementary

What a gem! I went to pick up some books today that I planned on purchasing from a fellow homeschooler. She said she had a book she thought we might be able to use and she'd throw it in for free. THe book is called Natural Wonders by Jan Thurman-Veith. I've been homeschooling for over 7 years now, so it takes something for me to get excited. I've pretty much seen it, done that, etc...

Well, I have not seen this book till today and it's amazing! Very easy to use, great concepts, lots of fun for the kiddos, etc... The first page got me hooked. Now of course the whole book isn't about mushy feelings. However, being a mushy mom, I loved this! Here's what it says.

Animal Affections

Each child chooses an animal to be and then shows the affection the animal might give.

Bear Hug - wrap arms around someone and give the biggest, strongest, tightest hug bearable.
Butterfly Kisses - Flutter eyelashes on someone's neck
Caterpillar Squeeze - Wrap someone tightly with whole body and squeeze gentle.
Parrot Peck - Give someone a quick, very light kiss on the forehead.
Puppy Love - Hold someone's hand and give a little lick.
TIger Pat - Roar fiercest roar and pat someone on the back while hugging closely.

"To the man whose senses are alive and alert there is not even the need to stir from one's threshold". Henry Miller

(Insert picture of two kids hugging)

What is there not to like about this book? Every little thing in this book is this easy but teaches fun lessons and gets kids active and involved. You can find your copy today at amazon. Visit the below link.


Jamie said...

It looks awesome! I will have to get it!!

Amanda Kaake said...

I thought you might like it ;)