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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sourdough Bread Using Our Own Wild Yeast Sourdough

My husband is usually the one to make bread. Go figure right? I saw online how to make wild yeast sourdough starter. I thought "hey, I might as well try it." So, here's the pix. Tell me what you think :)

The first few days I didn't see anything going on, but here it is on day 4.

Here is the dough after only 4 cups of flour put in and rising for a few hours.

Here is the kneaded, shaped and scored dough :)

Here is a picture of the baked bread with a small piece cut out.

This was such a fun experience. I really think the only reason why I was able to successfully make this is because it took the pineapple juice that inhibited bad bacteria growth. Here is the link to the sourdough starter.

I've been told it will taste more sour as your sourdough ages. Yeah!


Tales of the Kiberts said...

your bread looks really good, nothing like what my blob of goo looked like. :D I think you have inspired me to try again. What kind of pineapple juice did you use? I am pretty sure Dole brand is mostly devoid of any nutrients.

Amanda Kaake said...

Thanks! I used whatever was cheaper. Rofl! I think it was the Meijer brand which honestly is probably the same thing as Dole. Who knows. I believe it's the natural enzymes in the pineapple that help with this .... I'm still new to why it works, I just know that it did. I'm making sourdough pancakes today.