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Friday, July 3, 2009

Crayons, Flowers & Thrifty Finds!

It's been so long since I've updated again that I thought I'd post a few fun things.

First, my husband came home the other day with a huge bouquet of real (not hybrid) roses. Absolutely gorgeous! The picture above does not capture all their beauty. It was a much needed surprise that day as things had been hard. Talk about making my week:)

With everything going on, the ER visits and other such issues, I had to start resting and putting up my feet more than I would have liked. So, because of that and the reminder of an amh friend that Christmas is only 6 months away, I started making up my Christmas list and doing a bit of shopping here and there as I saw things on clearance/sale. I'm totally done with my nieces, Lyshie and have something for my mom. I have figured out for everyone else except siblings what we'll be doing. For the nieces and nephews, with their gifts I'm giving them crayon cakes (all except 1 niece cause she's just too young). I had so much fun making them and can't wait to make more. I just peeled the crayons -mostly broken ones, broke them into pieces and put them into a cupcake tin. Heated the oven to 350 degrees and baked for just over 10 minutes. They took a couple hours or so to cool then I just popped them out. These are great for little toddler fingers. I must say it took forever to peel the crayons and I had crayon stuck all underneath my fingernails. lol.

Last but not least, today I went to the Goodwill store with my husband and son - my daughter is gone till Sunday:( I have been looking for a bookcase to put on a wall close to the kitchen table to put all the school books for this coming year in. I was hoping to have one this year but we just did not find one that we liked and/or was in our price range. While at Goodwill today, my husband saw this beautiful bookcase from Target with a salvage sticker on it. He didn't see anything wrong with it and it was only $14.99 compared to at least $70 or more at Target. We got it, brought it home and he found out the reason why it was salvaged was because a worker there was trying to put it together and didn't know what he was doing - so he thought there was something wrong with the bookcase. All the pieces were there and we just LOVE it! It's much more beautiful in person. We also got a new packages of size small vinyl diaper covers, a new oven mit, a new potholder, a new hair thing for my daughter and a nice looking black and clear organizer along with the bookcase all for a total of $21.30. I LOVE thrifty shopping!


Sandi said...

Very nice bookcase!! Pretty prettty! Your dad has been wanting one of those organizers so you can throw that this way!! HA HA HA!!
Love you!

Amanda Kaake said...

We can never have enough of those organizers either. I'll def. keep my eye out for him. What does he want it for?

EBeth Fisher said...

Great pictures and information, Mandi (as usual)!
I like that idea about the crayons. How did you "pop them out" of a cupcake tin? Or did you have one of those rubberized ones?

I love that bookcase, too! I wonder what I could find. now.


EBeth Fisher said...
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Amanda Kaake said...

Beth, they just popped out like ice cubes do out of an ice cube tray. Just make sure they are totally hardened. I used a regular muffin tin pan. I don't think I'll ever use it again for anything but crafts though. lol