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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Family Updates:)

FIrst and for-most, I am 20 weeks pregnant today. Just one more week till I find out whether we're planning for a little boy or girl. That is, if he/she cooperates:) Still lots and lots of movement which is a good consolation.

Jonathan is trying to go through terrible's again. Don't think so buddy. We're nipping it in the bud again so as to not have a seriously out of control little dude like my daughter was when she was younger. Other than that, he does pretty well with the chores he has and is getting better all the time. Tonight, while daddy was helping Lyshie, I got out the new little dry erase board we bought for Jonathan at the homeschool convention. He loved that he got to work on his own board while sister and dad worked on the other one. Talk about a sense of pride - in a good way. I can see him learning to write his number very soon while watching sister.

Lyshie is growing up into a young lady. It's a slow and painful process for all. lol! There's a part of her that wants to be all grown up, but a part that is still such a little girl. I'm so glad we have her here at home instead of sending her to an educational institution. I fear we may have lost her already had we. She's learning how to prepare and cook easy meals which is where I think we should start. It's so much easier to get excited about something if you start out easy and get great results. She's learning the love of easy one dish oven meals and crockpot meals. I'm loving having her in the kitchen more and more. It's getting to be much more of a joy! Before, she would complain about the heat of the oven, or having to stand in one place and stir. I suppose part of it is getting better simply because of her getting older.

Matthew is still with GM and we'll find out the week of the 20th what their plans are for him. Please continue to pray.

I probably had the worst day I've had in years yesterday. My hormones must have been way off and it was just horrible. Praise God he's so good and today was a new and wonderful day. WE're doing well getting through school and are looking towards the end very soon for the school year. It's amazing how time flies and just how much children can learn if exposed to the proper materials. It does my heart good to see my children excelling. I still can't believe this is what God has for me. I would have never even gave homeschooling a second chance before I had children or even the first 3-4 years of my daughters life.

On another note, I'm also finally starting to meal plan again. I'm feeling not as queasy on and off which makes cooking much easier. Yeah! Tonight was mexican, tomorrow is italian and friday is chinese. Woot!

Well, that's all for now. I'll probably not post again till next Wednesday when we find out the gender and health of Baby Kaake:)

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