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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Paint on the couch and carpet

Just last night, prince Jon found a very lovely and rare bottle of barn red craft paint. With wonder, excitement and maybe a little fear of the unknown, he opened up the bottle oh so carefully.

'What is that funny stuff inside?' thought the little prince.

He started to slowly pour it over the lovely school desk his mother had just months previously repainted for him and his sister. It puddled very neatly onto the desk from the little bit he poured out.

'I'll try some more' he thought, and so he proceeded to dump the entire lovely bottle of red paint on the desk. To his joy and excitement it not only stayed put on the desk, it decided to creap it's way down onto the cream colored, already spotted (from stains) carpet. He was overjoyed - until.....his mother turned around. The Queen was not happy about the little prince's discovery. She quickly picked up the paint covered little prince and quickly proceeded to wash him off. While the prince was being tended to, the queen let him know that what he had done was very wrong and should not do it again. The queen at the time was very tired and starting to feel sick from a nasty cold sweeping through the kingdom. Unfortunately, because the queen was feeling ill, she did not punish her son. He got off with a pardon which you will soon see was a very bad idea.

It was in the afternoon and the queen mother was watching a lovely video on youtube of the Phantom of the Opera - one of her favorite movies. You see, the queen mother had this dvd, then lent it out to the royal babysitters. They have had it for so long, and the queen mother so longed to see this movie. Because of this she was not aware of what her son, the prince was doing in the next room.

All of the sudden, like someone had whispered in her ear her son was doing something very wrong, the queen mother leaped from her chair and made her way to the eerie, silent living room. To his unbelief and dismay, the queen mother started to literally cry at the scene in front of her. The prince had once again somehow found a lovely bottle of green craft paint. Again enamored with how the paint pooled and puddled here and there, he decided this time he should try out this lovely paint on the queen mother's couch. Just like it had on the desk, some of the dark green paint had dripped from the couch to the floor of the royal living room. Picking up the little boy with tears in her eyes the queen mother told her little prince how what he had done was wrong. This time she made no mistake and disciplined the little boy so that he would be good and sure that the paint no longer belongs on the castle furniture or floor. Oh my goodness, it was the saddest display of tears the little prince had ever produced. The queen mother scooped him up into her arms and told him how much she loved him. She then sent him to his room where he could do no damage until the queen mother had cleaned up the little princes mess.

In case you're wondering, yes this is a true story. This happened right in the Kaake Kingdom.

I saw online the key to acrylic (waterbased) paint removal is to keep the area wet till you get the stain cleaned off. We got a spray bottle of water and got the spots on the floor. Most of it has come up. Now I just need to use some soap. I'm also wondering if vinegar will work.

As I scrubbed and scrubbed our couch cushions I realized I prob. wouldn't get it all off for the mere fact that it soaked into the foam. I took the cover off, rinsed it in the sink and it's now in the washer rinsing and spinning several times. We'll see how that works. More updates later:)

Here's some links that might be helpful for anyone else that might someday have the same problem:)


matt said...

You need pictures...

EBeth Fisher said...

Yes, I'd have like to see that one!