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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Honoring our Veteran's on Veteran's Day

Our brave men leading the parade.

Jon giving a card to a veteran.

Today was such a wonderful day! I thought instead of sitting at home and watching a 3 minute long video on Veteran's Day, we'd go ahead and go to a local Veteran's Day Parade. While getting ready to go, I had the kids make Veteran's Day cards for the veterans we'd see while we were there; not realizing it'd be at least as much of a blessing to us. It was so neat seeing the kids hand out the cards and the surprise and then extreme gratefulness that followed. It not only brought tears to my eyes but the eyes of the receivers. Too often, we don't realize just how much these wonderful men and women have done for us.

While one veteran was up giving a speech, he told us of the time he had just returned home from Vietnam. He was so proud to be a soldier and be serving his country. THe battle was long, hard and many people had died. Instead of returning home for a hero's welcome, this man returned home to see some people burning the American Flag. Very distraught by this site, he jumped in and took the flag out of the fire. Immediately following this act, he was beat up very badly. While this older gentleman told his story, tears streamed down his face and you could hear his voice choking up as he talked. I am so grateful for this man and all the men and women like him that have served us and served us well.

There is a saying that I'd love to pass along to you today. If you don't want to stand behind our troops, please feel free to stand in front of them :) Isn't this country and her people worth protecting?

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