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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Meal Plan Friday!

Ok I changed the name around a bit but you still get to see what we're eating :) Here goes for the next two weeks. This will start when hubby gets his check tomorrow. I'm no longer putting my meals in order by day of the week. I've found it's easier to make a list of meals and shop for those; then on hard days, I can pick something easier to make. Here goes:)

1. Homemade chicken soup for my Jon.
2. Chicken on salad greens w/soup.
3. Chicken tacos with all the toppings..
4. Goulash with salad and garlic bread - mmmm!
5. Pizza on the grill with salad.
6. BBQ chicken, and potato salad.
7. Fried chicken fingers, mashed potatoes and salad.
8. Fish, baked potatoes and coleslaw.
9. Frankfurters (from Turtlebee Farms) tator tots and veggie.
10. Breakfast for dinner using sausage from Turtlebee Farms and eggs from a local farm.
11. BLT's - bacon from Turtlebee Farms. Maybe some homemade guacamole and chips too.
12. Eating out - giving mama a break!
13. Crockpot roast, carrots and onions served with mashed potatoes.
14. Tuna noodle casserole with applesauce.

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