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Monday, October 19, 2009

Make Ahead Breakfast Skillet Meals

Picture taken from Jimmy Deans link below.

Now and then I will pick up a Jimmy Dean breakfast skillet recipe because of lack of time in the mornings on the weekends. Today I decided to make my own:) I usually pay between $4 and $5 for each frozen bag. Then to that you add 6 scrambled eggs. Well, not anymore. Here is a cost comparison for you:)

Cost and ingredient break down. This will make 3 frozen bags of breakfast skillet starter.
1lb sausage or turkey sausage $2 (on sale)
2 peppers - $.58 (again on sale)
2 onions - $.20
1/2 bag frozen hashbrowns - $.75
Total - $3.53

Jimmy Deans cost per bag - $4-$5
My cost per bay - $1.17

So here's what you do. You take the pound of meat and cook it like you normally would - crumbled up of course. Let that cool. While it's cooling cut up 2 peppers and 2 onions. Fill 3 freezer bags each with 1/3 the peppers, 1/3 the onions, 1/3 of the cooked meat and about 1 cup frozen square hashbrowns (or more) from your local freezer section. Place in freezer.

When you're ready to use them, put a bit of oil in the bottom of a warm skillet and dump in your baggie. When everything is heated through nicely, add in 6-8 scrambled eggs and enjoy! We sometimes use this and put it in the middle of tortillas with cheese. A very filling breakfast!

Remember for your body to function well during the day do the following....

Eat like a King for breakfast.
Eat like a Queen for lunch.
Eat like a pauper for dinner.

Doing this helps better stabilize your blood sugar and is better for your digestive enzymes.

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Crystal @The Queen of Chaos said...

Super old post I know, but I found this by doing a google search.

Have you tried making everything (including the eggs) ahead of time and freezing it? I'm trying to find something for my husband to take to work and pop in the microwave 3 days a week because he has an early morning conference call. I've never frozen eggs before, so I wouldn't know lol.