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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lyshie and Home Depot Crafts

We went today to get some weed and feed at Home Depot. They had a little kids craft and I, being a poop, told Allysha she could not do it because they looked too busy. I knew she was disappointed and was thinking it over as we walked through the store. Well, I had forgotten about the craft and as we were checking out, my husband asked the checkout lady about it. She said it was totally open and free to anyone who wanted to participate. We both looked at each other, turned around and headed in the direction we came from. Lyshie was beyond excited. When she got there, her and her brother each got a Home Depot Apron, a craft kit (which daddy helped them work on), a pin that showed which craft they did, a certificate of completion and a sucker. Lyshie had the time of her life. I wish very much that we had a camera there. The craft they made was a little wheel barrow with a potted flower of their choice to put inside it. We found out they have one of these on the first Saturday of each month from 9-noon. Daddy already said he'd take both kids when we can. How fun! This is a great experience for them and can be part of schooling as well. Very neat indeed!

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Sandi said...

Oh wow! I am soooooooo glad you took time to take them. It will be something they will always remember!! Lyshie looks so pretty!!! How did you do her hair?? Jon looks cute too!
Love you !!!!