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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Free to be me...

I just got out my flute today and found online sheet music - one being Think of Me which is from Phantom of the opera. This is a huge deal for me. Below you'll find the letter I wrote to my husband last night. This isn't so much for me but to encourage all you out there who may have lost part of yourself on the way to motherhood - get it back Just in case you're wondering, he said it makes total sense and is supportive. Here's to 'making me sing' again and hoping that I can help someone else as well.

Letter to Matt:
After reading an article about an autistic boy and the hardship on a woman's family I started thinking about other things. Like how i'm not much different than Lyshie when it comes to the 'arts'. While we don't have the same talents, we're both intertwined in that area. I forgot how deep my emotions ran as a child - much like hers do - to a point where it was not 'normal' at times . Things that I deeply loved and spent scads of time on are now put into a drawer that i have not dared to open - not till now. It feels like when i let those things go, i lost a piece of myself. The two main things i'm talking about is music - playing the flute and other instruments and writing. I had time to think, time to play and time to write - all in quiet without anything being demanded of me - just free to be. I do not at all regret the kids and I can't wait to have another one - but I do need some time alone to think and just 'be'. I think that's why i have so many websites - for me it's showing that I actually am getting something done and doing some things I like to do - but none of them make me 'sing'. Does any of this make any sense at all?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Free Flute Music and more...

While looking for flute music I found some free online sites as well as some where you have to pay for the scores. Here's the links. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Free Online Music

Scores at great prices:

Monday, October 20, 2008

My Amazing October Goodwill Finds

NIP tablecloth from target 60inches x 104 inches (tans and fall colored stripes just on the two ends)
NIP long window treatment - 1 panel - green - for dh's basement to hide storage items.
Small hoop for cross stitching.
NIP 4 pack Target Ultimate Napkins
2 brand named button up shirts for Jon - like new
1 Bob the Builder like new long sleeved shirt - for Jon
Like new Children's Place pajama pants - for jon
Old Navy army green colored pants for Jon
Old Navy jeans for Jon
Like new blue cords for Jon
Like new nighty for me
Black hoodie for Jon - very well lined hooded zip down hooded sweatshirt.
Like new jean skirt for Lyshie
Pot for Jon that he thinks is Pooh's honey pot.
1 small glass jar with lid
And last but not least 2 NIP note cards from Target - 12 pack each.
All the above was purchased for $25 and change.

Next stop I purchased the following items for $18 and change:
Infantino sling like new in box
Old fashioned nightgown for Lyshie
Dress pants for me
Suit jacket like new for Jon
NWT maternity capri's from Target
Treasure Island book - like new
Jumanji vhs

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Family Time at the Orchard

Today we spent time with our Aunt Cheri and Uncle Mark at Blake's Cider Mill in Armada. We had so much fun! As if their company alone wasn't enough - the cider mill was full of things for us to do. Jonathan took a pony ride and 1/2 way through ended up getting off into daddy's arms. lol. They had lots of pumpkins that the kids loved to run around and an awesome, big, red tractor that Jon got to sit on. Lyshie really wanted to rid the trains so we also ended up doing that. They had the best donuts I have ever tasted in my life!! I thought I had to get an apple fritter since the places around here don't have donuts that are much to talk about. Boy was I wrong! I had wished I got donuts instead of the fritter. lol. Lyshie spotted a caramel apple with sprinkles that caught her fancy. She asked if she could have one since she had never had one before. How could we refuse? As we all sat down to enjoy donuts and cider, Jonathan saw Lyshie eating her caramel apple. If you have kids, you know what happened next - he wanted an apple. So, daddy went into the store to purchase one lonely apple. It wouldn't' even register on the scale and since they go by weight, he paid a little bit of nothing for it. He was pretty proud of that. lol.

After the fun time at the cider mill, we all got in our vehicles and headed to a little downtown area very close by that had a wonderful restaurant. It was called The Armada Roadhouse and it was wonderful! While it was a bar and grill, the bar was in a totally separate area which made family dining lovely. The cheese sticks were fantastic!!! Matt and Cheri both got a burger and said it was very good. Matt had onion rings instead of fries and the portion was huge! I got a reuben sandwich that was oh so yummy! Jon got chicken strips which were amazing and Lyshie got spaghetti which she too really enjoyed.

We have decided we need to make this a yearly event. It was so much fun! Enjoy the pictures:)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

What an amazing guy!

I love to "get er done" for the most part. My husband does too - just not in the same timing as I. I would have had all the house repair and upgrades done a week before we moved in - money permitting of course. lol!

Well, I get a call from Mr. Kaake today which is very rare. I'm usually the one to call him. He asked me if I had lunch. Usually when he says that he's on the way home. Not today, I thought. He's now in Pontiac and what would the reasoning be? My initial thought of him coming home was indeed correct. He took his 1/2 day vacation that he's been saving as well as tomorrow off. Then he suggested something to me that I found very exciting. He said we can get things done around the home!!! I was thrilled. One thing in particular that he mentioned was paiting the den. We've had the paint for quite some time and have just waited for the right time to do it. Unfortunately I got a horrible headache so I'm currently sitting here in bed. It's 1/2 hour till midnight and my wonderful husband is still working downstairs on the den. Our living room is quite the site. We had to empty every bookcase in the den so we could move them away from the wall to painnt. It truly looks like the library decided to have a book sale right in our living room. lol!

You know, while it's a lot of work, it sure is nice giving the room a good clean out. I've already found several things I'm going to freecycle to a local homeschooling family. It's not only a blessing for me to clean out and have a room that looks brand new, but I get to bless someone as well. I will update as soon as I can with before and after pictures:)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Writing Letters and Sorting Bears

Today started out so fun and I'm sure it will end that way too. Lyshie finally got to send out her first letter. She had it all done, addressed and stamped by the time I got up this morning. Her first letter is going out to Grandma Sandi! Lyshie is now going to learn cursive. Did you realize some schools are not teaching this now? This will eventually become a lost art. How crazy is that!

Jonathan was given these cute little cups with bears from Sandy at church (different than Grandma Sandi). The very first time he attempted to sort them he only got one wrong!!! I was so excited. These will help him learn how to count, sort and learn colors.

What a lovely day already!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Family Games

While Matt was in his supervisor postion, he was too tired to come home and play family games. What a sad time:( We're getting back into it again and are having so much fun. The current game is checkers. I don't play logic games too often and try to not think too hard if I don't have to. lol On the other hand, my husband LOVES playing logic games. He beats me every time - usually with one of my kings left and 7 of his. Yeah, pathetic. He just taught Allysha to play last night. When he came upstairs he said "I hate to say it, but I think she'll be quite the challenge for you". He said she was really thinking about every single move she made. So, today Lyshie and I will play together for the first time. I'll let you know who wins. It will prob. very well be her.

The picture above is the checkers game we have. We got it from cracker barrel. It's fairly large. The checkers are approx. 3 inches across if that gives you an idea for size.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fall Decorating

Fall is my very favorite season. I just love it! I got the urge yesturday to do some fall decorating. I'm still not done with my front porch so you'll have to wait to see pix of that. So far here's what I've done. The flowers in the vase are going to be cut down a bit more but I just couldn't wait to set them out. My mom has LOVELY fall decor. My favorite is always how she decorates her window boxes. I get to look at hers in awe since I don't have any of my own. I would love to decorate with bittersweet, but my husband is right - our son would eat it. That would be all bad. Oh well I guess.

Back to the above pix. I hung up a new picture over our fireplace. I'm hoping to get some medium sized cream colored pillar candles to go in the holders that are on the mantle. We're also hoping to gather some fall leaves and dip them in parafin like we used to do at home. It's absolutely gorgeous! If we do that we'll sprinkle them out all over the mantle on the fireplace as well as some pine cones and acorns. I'm so excited I can hardly wait!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wife and Motherhood - A Divine Calling

Titus 2:4-5 That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their husbands, that the word of God may not be blasphemed.

What a lovely calling we have as mother's. I am so blessed to have been taught by a dear friend more on being a Keeper at Home and the importance of it just before I married my now husband. In a world where women dominate the workforce, it is truly refreshing to see women start taking up their job once again in the home. To many women - especially women's rights activists, women who stay at home have a lowly job. To them it's not something worthy of a title at all but a slumpy, demeaning position. We often get asked if we get bored at home. If they only knew. lol

For those who do not know me well enough, I was a single mom for 4 years. I worked 5-6 days a week while my mother and grandmother watched my baby. So much joy that should have been mine as a mother passed onto them while they watched her take her first step, say some of her first words, fed her some of her first foods, etc... They had the joy of being with her all day while I worked. My daughter didn't have one special mommy, she had 3. It wasn't till this year and weaning off seeing her grandmother so much that my daughter confessed to me that for a couple years after my marriage, she still wished my mother was her mom. You see, she saw my mother every day of her life. My mom was the one that was always there, I wasn't. How could I expect to be that special in her life when I wasn't around?

I know all too well what being in the workforce means to God's women. It takes away the blessings God had for you. It puts a barrier in that lovely child relation that you should have with your child. Now that my daughter is older, she too wants to be a Keeper at Home to enjoy God's best for her, her children, her husband and the people around her. I'm not at all saying this in pride - indeed not. I am however so blessed and filled with hope that my daughter may not make some of the mistakes I made in the past that lead to a harder life. Please don't take it wrong that I regret her - I in no way do. The way I went about it though, was wrong.

As a keeper at home I am blessed beyond belief at all the 'little' moments I so longed to have before. My children are secure in knowing mommy is always here, like I had with my mom. My husband is secure in knowing he has someone at home taking care of his home and children while he's at work, working hard during the week. It is more of a blessing than I can ever relate. My hope is that someone will read this and see what joy they can have in staying at home for their family. Take heed, God did not ask father's to stay at home - it is the mother's calling. Doing the opposite of what God has called us to will only hinder the relationships within your home.

God has told us in His word what our roles as parents and children should be. When we follow that, we have happiness beyond belief. When we do not, there is much heartache. I will expand more on the above verse very soon.