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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Postpartum Dream

I found this above picture online but no reference to the artist.  
If you know who it is, please comment below and let me know.  I find this so beautiful!

So if a girl can dream, this is what I'm dreaming of.  I would love a good postpartum experience being taken care of.    Here goes :)

I'd love to be able to just bond with baby for at least a whole month like women in other countries do.  We all brag about how much we can do after each baby but the truth is, we're hurting ourselves more than we realize.  We were not meant to live at the pace we do.  

To have someone keep me in supply with bone broth - I would even pay for ingredients.  It's so easy to make and so nourishing for mama - especially someone who has adrenal issues.

To have someone come in and help my daughter clean the house and keep things running.

Having someone come to play with the boys and give them a good time - Lyshie too or even whisk them away for a few hours.  Or doing crafts with them.  It will be the time of year when Thanksgiving is around the corner as will be Christmas.  My kids will love doing crafts pertaining to these.  Or taking them to a movie (i'd totally pay).

Having someone sending me letters of encouragement and asking how I'm doing so I don't feel so alone. 

Bringing over meals to take some of the burden off my family who will have to work extra hard while mama is down.

People praying for me and baby and our postpartum time together.  Definitely more important than all the above for sure.

Here's a neat article talking about postpartum practices in other countries.  And a quote from the article...

"These cultures place great emphasis on the health and recovery of the new mother. Relieved of housework, she is able to restore her energy and strength, and focus on caring for her baby and herself. The new mother and her baby are shown great attention and love.
Western culture could surely benefit from some of these simple, delightful, and inexpensive ways for a woman to ease her way into new motherhood and protect herself against postpartum depression."

If you know someone who is having a baby, please take the time to find out what they could use help with.  You just may save that mom from some very hard times in the future pertaining to her health.


Anonymous said...

Yes, that would be wonderful. Again, I will pray to the One who owns the cattle on a thousand hills.

All my Chinese and African friends get the first month off of all duties. Their mums are the ones who usually come. I know some of us have moms who aren't able to do so for health reasons, but it is lovely!

If I lived closer, I would definitely help you with housework and taking the kids sometimes. I would really love to get to know them!

Bone broth sounds really interesting. What kind of bone?

May He grant you these wishes in accordance with his abundant Mercy and possessions and may He bless you above and beyond what you can ask or imagine in this regard. I am also praying for the best birth experience you've ever had and midwifes or doctors that will guide you to relax and be as natural as possible.

Anonymous said...

^^ by me, Beth ^^

Amanda Kaake said...

Here's a recipe for the bone broth I make :) I usually use soup and knuckle bones.