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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Silly boys!

Me and my sweetie.

Grilled chicken, mashed potatoes with homemade alfredo and asparagus.

Strawberries for dessert. 

Joshua getting busy.

My wonderful children!

Today started off with my children loving all over me telling me "Happy Mother's Day!"  That was quickly followed by daddy returning home and presenting me with some beautiful flowers and a spinach and artichoke quiche from Panera, YUM!  The kids then brought me the gifts they had purchased for me. Lyshie gave me a beautiful heart necklace with pink and clear stones while Jon gave me a heart shaped pendant where I could put birth stones in of my children.  I love them both.

We all had a leisurely morning as we were getting ready for church, then had a little photo shoot with the kids and I.  It sure is hard getting a good picture of 3 kids and their mama.  I wonder what it's going to be like with 4 (giggle).  We did get 1 picture that wasn't too bad.

On to church we went hearing about Anna and how she was an amazing woman of God.  It was a lovely sermon.  Today was also my day to let my belly really be shown off by my clothing.  I've been trying to hide it for awhile but today I wore a more form fitting shirt (Lyshie picked out my outfit) and was actually telling a few people.  Honestly, it was liberating.

We packed up and headed home where hubby and Lyshie started preparing lunch.  Hubby grilled a whole chicken while Lyshie started peeling potato after potato.  Matt made his homemade alfredo sauce per my request for me to slather all over my mashed potatoes that were soon to come.  Lyshie was then schooled on how to make good mashed potatoes, then Matt grilled some asparagus.  Lunch was fantastic and we finished it off with a dessert of fresh strawberries.  It was all delicious!  Joshua was covered with potatoes and alfredo sauce.  He's so hilarious!

I'm now lying in my bed with my window open hearing the birds sing and my two eldest kids chattering outside on the deck.  What a relaxing and wonderful day.  I hope your Mother's Day was special.  No matter what we do/don't do, I'm so thankful I can be home with my wonderful family spending another day with them.  God is good!

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